#BellLetsTalk…battling the stigma of Mental Health Illness…by Chuck Duboff

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#BellLetsTalk has become an annual event which attempts to eliminate the stigma of Mental Health Illness.  Two noted Canadians have taken the lead in this initiative;  TSN’s Michael Landsberg and Olympic athlete Clara Hughes both suffer from Mental Health Illness.  They have demonstrated that it is possible to succeed in this world despite the burden of mental health issues



Jon Hamm of Mad Men, Owen Wilson, Catherine Zeta Jones, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Stephane Richer, Darryl Strawberry, Heath Ledger, Gwenyth Peltrow, Chuck Duboff, Winston Churchill, Brooke Shields, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Terry Bradshaw, Kanye West, Rick Rypien, Howie Mandell, Robin Williams…and so many, many more.

Clara Hughes:

Our very own Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has stepped up this year and is speaking out about mental health.  His mother, Maggie Trudeau, has suffered from mental health issues her whole life and Justin has spoken about the need…

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