Don’t be fooled…Andrew Ladd had a choice!!! by Geoff Brookes

Great blog by Geoff on the Ladd trade!!

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(c) Geoff Brookes

Andrew Ladd is moving on.

We will miss his intensity, his leadership, and his skill around the net.

But let’s be real. He could have signed a contract extension with the Jets. He chose not to.

I am fully aware that Andrew Ladd, like all NHL players, uses an agent to do his contract negotiations. Andrew Ladd doesn’t do the negotiations himself.  But at some point, a player can choose to say to his agent, “Look, I’d like to stay in Winnipeg if I can. Can you try to get a deal done with the Jets, please?”

In case you think I’m reaching to make a point, consider this. Dustin Byfuglien repeatedly made public comments emphasizing that he wanted to stay in Winnipeg. It isn’t a big stretch to think that he said that to his agent as well. No-one says that Andrew Ladd has to like…

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