Saturday Morning Random Thoughts from Chuck & Geoff

© Chuck Duboff & Geoff Brookes

  • We must begin today by thanking everybody who takes the time to read our blog; we have now passed 40,000 views of our Blog since we began this adventure January 29th, 2014.  To have 967 followers who receive our blog when I press publish…it is truly amazing, humbling and inspiring.  Both Geoff and I thank you for your ongoing support and interest in our ramblings.cropped-cropped-img_0966.png
  • The butterfly effect…both Geoff and I always joke that had Gary Bettman not decided to allow the Jets back into the NHL, we probably would’t be the great friends we are today…and you wouldn’t be reading these words.  Thank you Mr. Bettman.
  • Now some random thoughts from Geoff:
  •  I’m actually feeling more interested and happy about the Jets, now that any idea of making the playoffs this year is effectively gone. Sad that Ehlers got hurt. I want to see Morrissey, Kichton and Lipon get a taste of NHL action.
  •  Peace comes from the most unlikely outcomes and sources. Acceptance means avoiding their interrogation.
  • Yesterday’s poem was inspired by a scene from my deck in the winter late afternoon sunlight. I love writing from images in my life. The contrasts of light/shadow and water/ice, with the light moving as the sun shifts in the sky, is a metaphor for changes in our lives, and the ambiguity we feel as those changes occur, sometimes imperceptibly.
  •  Baseball spring training in the south…it’s nice to know that it’s spring somewhere! I enjoy baseball more with each passing year. A timeless game that changes far less than other sports…. It’s like a bridge to simpler times.
  • I am still hoping and believing in the Jets young players, and great hockey players like Wheeler and Buff! Go Jets Go!
  • Now for some of my “relatively random” thoughts…
  • Just an amazing two weeks down in Puerto Vallarta; the perfect weather, the Pacific Ocean, the Sierra Madre mountains and the wonderful Mexican people…thank you.PV9
  • Like Geoff said; now that we know that the playoffs are not happening, I look forward to seeing what players like Morrisey, Lipon, Copp, Lowery, Dano can do with more ice time.  The Jets, despite this difficult season, are doing it the right way.  If Kyle Conner is anything even close to the player he’s been in US College hockey, we could have another dynamic player joining the team next season.  Jets also have two first round picks in June…they have to hit a home run with at least one of them.
  • Baseball season is upon us…hope springs eternal for all 30 major league teams, minor league teams and the Winnipeg Goldeyes.  “Zaida Chuck, can we go to a Goldeyes game.”  Gotta love baseball.

  • I plan on writing a major blog on Donald Trump…what he represents, what he has done to the American Political System and the Republican party and the extreme danger he presents…
  • Trump
  • I was so very inspired in my writing while down in Mexico; my voice was just there…whether the might Pacific Ocean, the awe inspiring Sierra Madre mountains, the days on end of sunshine and beautiful temperatures or a lady named G…my thoughts and writing were so fluid…having had one of my blogs picked up by a Puerto Vallarta online Travel Magazine was so very exciting.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Random Thoughts from Chuck & Geoff

  1. Geoff, really like your comment re baseball A timeless game that changes far less than other sports…. It’s like a bridge to simpler times – that truly is baseball.

    Chuck, great pictures especially the young pitcher – catcher chat, it was like the catcher was telling the young pitcher ” You missed my signal, man!”
    Words I wouldn’t have believed had I not seen them “Thank you, Mr. Bettman” but rings so true. Had Bettman not agreed to Winnipeg getting 2.0 Jets back in The Peg, we the readers would not be privileged to viewing & commenting on the Duboff/Brookes Blog daily.
    Thank you Gentlemen!


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