Kristin Walker; as a gay person: “I am troubled by so many things in the U.S”

This is a reblog of a post from two years ago; I’m so very proud of Kristen, a former student of mine, who has grown into a wonderful woman.

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The spread of antigay legislation throughout the world is troubling; the hyperbole spewed by the likes of Vladimir Putin only reinforces the views of so many close minded people.  Uganda brings forward laws which would see any “gay behaviour or support” result in prison time.  Our friends just south of the 49th parallel have states like Arizona, Georgia, Texas  and Mississippi, presenting hate filled bills which would see gay people treated much like the Jews during the Holocaust and Black people during the Apartheid of South Africa.  It took serious public outrage and financial backlash for the Governor of Arizona to veto her states’ legislation.

When citizens are morally outraged by the actions of their governments, it is important to speak up against blatant human rights violations.  “When goodness remains silent, evil will flourish.”

During these past few weeks of antigay movements being in the news…

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