Brian Pallister: “There are no sacred cows”…by Chuck Duboff

My political position and opinions are very clearly stated; given the significant number of views and positive feedback…I would suggest there are a lot of people looking for a reason NOT to vote for Pallister. There are many other issues I will raise in the next few weeks…”no sacred cows” means cuts will be necessary in order to fund Pallister’s cut of the PST from 8 to 7%…don’t be fooled.

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My political affiliations are very clear; I vote left and centre left depending on the circumstances of the election.  In Manitoba I have voted NDP throughout my lifetime, while federally I have vacillated between Liberal and NDP.

I was very disappointed with Greg Selinger last year and the manner in which he handled the dissatisfaction with his leadership; I believe, had Theresa Oswald been given the opportunity to lead the NDP in this election, the chances for re-election would have been greatly enhanced.

So, I’ve laid my political cards on the table.  I will emphatically state that I do not trust a single word uttered by PC leader Brian Pallister.  He was one of Gary Filmon’s hatchet men when the PC government so callously cut nurses and teachers and sold off MTS.  I personally experienced the pain of being let go as a teacher and remember the…

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