His name is Roscoe and he slept in a field last night and the night before…by Chuck Duboff

“Proud” “Were you afraid” ” Why did you do that?” “More of us should do that” “Thank you” “Were you uncomfortable” “How did others react?” “You have a heart.” Just a very small sampling of the reaction to yesterday’s blog…I must admit to having been very, very moved and shaken all day…

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“I wish I had something to give you Chuck.”


His name is Roscoe.  He slept in a field last night.  “It was really cold Chuck and I haven’t eaten in three days.”

I was in my favourite cafe, Fools & Horses, this morning, reading the novel Still Alice.  I had my green tea and Bob Marley was playing on my Beats headphones.

I saw this gentleman walk in, obviously very cold and down on his luck.  He approached my friend Amy, one of the wonderful owners of the cafe, and she proceeded to give him a hot drink.

Without any hesitation, I got up and said hi to Roscoe and offered to buy him some food.  He chose a hearty sandwich and it did my heart good to buy him this food.

We sat down and chatted for awhile.  He told me that he sleeps in…

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2 thoughts on “His name is Roscoe and he slept in a field last night and the night before…by Chuck Duboff

  1. Although a ‘good deed’ (in my book those go unacknowledged), I was very uncomfortable in reading this as the subject looks so uncomfortable and by using the photo and his name he seems objectified to me, undignified somehow, evasive and offensive to anyone’s privacy. Did he know his image and name would be used in such a way? From the very onset of the article, there was an effort to divide and point out stark differences, an us vs. them mentality.
    We’re all human.


  2. Nicole…I respect your thoughts…a couple of points…the gentleman came in very very cold…and not having eaten for three days; any discomfort you may see would come from that…we had a very friendly chat; he was very cool with the pic…he was famished!! I will say this…sometimes we have to feel uncomfortable to gain an understanding of inequities in society. If I had any thoughts about my visit with Roscoe (no last name used), it would be how everybody else in the cafe just ignored him or moved away. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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