Wpg Sun: “Brian Pallister arrogant & secretive”; Wpg Free Press: “Pallister won’t respond truthfully” by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

“People of Manitoba can rest easy knowing that Pallister plans to visit Manitoba a little more if he is elected Premier”

Well, aren’t we lucky to be graced by his presence.  Hope we don’t interfere with your Costa Rica life.


Brian Pallister recently stated that he doesn’t care if he is likeable; well, sir, you have succeeded.  A significant portion of the Manitoba electorate doesn’t trust you and the revelations about your lying about your time in Costa Rica only add to the perception of you being an arrogant, pompous PC leader.

You very clearly lied to Manitobans when asked why you weren’t helping out with the floods in 2014; you stated to the Winnipeg Free Press that you were at a family wedding in Alberta.  Well the facts do come out Mr. Pallister, and in fact, you were once again, vacationing in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica, where you have made 15 trips to and spent 240 days since becoming leader, is enriched by your vacation home and self-admitted bank account.  Given that both the NDP and Liberal leaders revealed their tax returns, it is becoming quite evident why you resist the call to show your tax returns.

Costa Rica

You have railed on Mr. Selinger regarding his increasing the PST by 1% after saying he wouldn’t.  He has owned up to this, taking responsibility, while at the same time explaining that the flooding created a serious need to protect those towns most vulnerable to flooding.  But, like both the Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Sun have stated, you are arrogant, secretive and not willing to speak truthfully to the Manitoba voters.  When asked about your Costa Rica “story”, you refused to answer questions and one of your Tory lackeys stated:

“It was an oversight, an unfortunate lapse in memory.” Tory spokeswoman.

When I am fortunate enough to go on a vacation, I have great memories of dates and details.  But, I would suggest, when you spend 240 days down there in the last couple of years,  Costa Rica really is like home to you.  You have repeatedly castigated Mr. Selinger regarding the PST, well Mr. Pallister, the cloak is coming off and you are being seen for the man whom you truly are.

costa rica homes

Mr. Pallister has stated that he will make every effort to break up Unions.  He did not attend a forum held by the Manitoba Teacher’s Society, which both the NDP and Liberals were a part of.  He has stated that he believes homosexuality is merely a “social experiment.”  He will not state his position on health care in Manitoba regarding privatization.

brian-pallister-nurse-001 (1)

However, what is most infuriating is that Mr. Pallister will not state how he will “find savings” in the government.  Given that he will reduce the PST by 1% ($320 million), he will not answer the question as to how this money will be made up.  A majority of Manitobans have stated that they believe the PST should remain at 8%; yet Mr. Pallister is going to remain dogmatic about this one tax, money which has been used to improve Manitoba’s infrastructure.

Pallister’s $2million Winnipeg Mansion


When last in Government, Mr. Pallister and his PC henchmen, cut over 1000 nursing jobs, 500 teaching jobs and imposed Filmon Fridays ( government employees had to take an unpaid day off).  If Mr. Pallister is not willing to explain how he will go about finding savings,  and is afraid to attend a Teacher’s Society Leaders forum, one could extrapolate what his plans are.

Manitoba currently has one of the best economies in Canada, along with the lowest unemployment rates.  We have a province which invests in social services for ALL Manitobans, not just the wealthiest 1%.  Yes, Mr. Selinger erred in the manner in which he implemented the 1% PST increase, he has come forward and admitted that.  But when both the Wpg Free Press and the Wpg Sun castigate Mr. Pallister for being arrogant, secretive and untruthful, I don’t believe he has what it takes to be the leader of this province.  I would suggest he get dual citizenship in Costa Rica and run for government there.  Would his bank accounts down there have enough to fund a campaign?  We will never know.



One thought on “Wpg Sun: “Brian Pallister arrogant & secretive”; Wpg Free Press: “Pallister won’t respond truthfully” by Chuck Duboff

  1. Reblogged this on Chuck & Geoff's Eclectic Blog…"evil will flourish when goodness remains silent." and commented:

    It has become quite apparent that the Winnipeg Free Press will do anything to get Brian Pallister elected. Had Selinger acted as Pallister did, the Free Press would have spent the week calling him a liar; they have used untruthful to describe Mr Pallister’s deliberate attempts to hide the truth from reporters and the public. Letters to the editor criticizing Mr. Pallister are not published…given his lying, one would have expected a significant amount of backlash in today’s letters to the editor. Nope, we have to protect Pallister. A double standard there is…the FP bashes Mr. Selinger endlessly, while giving Mr. Pallister and all his baggage, a Free Pass.


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