Editorial #2: Pallister and insulting comments, unions, homosexuals, abortion and misremembering; by Deanna Jay-Aych

©Deanna Jay-Aych

I honestly don’t care if Pallister owns 100 mansions all over the world. His conduct and his intentions are far more important to me.

So far, through his own words and actions, he’s proven that he values profits over workers (seeking and partially accomplishing the deregulation of industry and his stated intent to make organization of labour more difficult)

He has plainly said that he sees the relationships of same-sex couples as “lesser” than those of heterosexual couples and that he believes in a religious definition of marriage, rather than a legal one.

He’s shown that he believes that religious definitions of “life” are more important than a woman’s autonomy over her own body.

brian-pallister-nurse-001 (1)

He’s shown that he’s not above calling his colleagues “feeble-minded”. What kind of person , who constantly touts his past as an educator as some measure of his integrity and inclusiveness, use a more ‘high-class’ version of “retarded” as an insult?

And finally – his “misremembering” and omission of details surrounding his income, assets and whereabouts (because despite what the apologists insist – an elected politician doesn’t only and isn’t only expected to -work when legislature is sitting.)
Perhaps Mr. Pallister doesn’t want people tracing all his sources of income and his business connections…


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