Editorial #3: Kudos to CBC Manitoba and the Costa Rica Star for their investigative journalism into the real story of Brian Pallister’s “life in Costa Rica”…by Chuck Duboff



© Chuck Duboff

Interesting that it’s CBC Manitoba and the Costa Rica Star investigating Brian Pallister…while the Winnipeg Free Press is busy anointing him King and breathlessly waiting for his visits to Manitoba.

It has become quite apparent during these last few hectic days of the Manitoba Provincial Election, that Brian Pallister has “misremembered” a significant amount of details, when it comes to his “vacation” time and homes in Costa Rica.  While the Winnipeg Free Press continues to coddle Mr. Pallister, it has taken serious journalists at CBC Manitoba and the Costa Rica Star to reveal the facts of Mr. Pallister Costa Rica life.  No longer is this just a politician who goes on holidays each year, as many Manitobans do, but rather, this is the leader of a provincial party who has spent 240 days in Costa Rica, since becoming party leader. This information was uncovered by CBC Manitoba


Late yesterday afternoon, the Costa Rica Star published an article detailing Mr. Pallister’s assets in Costa Rica.  On top of his  7 car, $2million mansion on Wellington Crescent in Winnipeg, Mr. Pallister has 3 properties in Costa Rica and is the president of two holding companies.

Costa Rica

If you have not had a chance to read the article by the Costa Rica Star, here is the link:


“A public records search of Costa Rica’s Registro Nacional reveals that Brian Pallister, the conservative Canadian politician who opinion polls suggest is leading the Manitoba election but who recently has come under fire for spending nearly 20 percent of his time in the legislature away at his vacation home in Costa Rica, owns three properties in Costa Rica through a Costa Rican holding company of which he is president.

The Costa Rica Star conducted the public records search after numerous requests from Canadian media.

Public records reveal that Pallister is the president of Finca Deneter Doce S.A., which in turn owns three pieces of real estate in the highly sought-after coastal district of Tamarindo, in the northwestern province of Guanacaste.”  The Costa Rica Star

Mr. Pallister refuses to tell the truth (misremember as his campaign people say).  As my colleague Geoff Brookes stated in his editorial, Mr. Pallister deceived reporters when asked where he was during the flood of 2014.  He stated that he was at a family wedding in Alberta, when in fact he was at one of his estates in Costa Rica.  This is a LIE Mr. Pallister.

While Manitobans fought the 2014 flood, Pallister was at one of his estates in Costa Rica.


You have been repeatedly asked how you will go about finding savings in the provincial budget; you refuse to address this question.  When invited by the Manitoba Teachers Society to participate in a forum, you did not attend.  As you were one of Filmon’s henchmen who cut thousands of teaching and nursing jobs, we are left to wonder about your intentions.

Why won’t you talk about health care and privatization?  Your refusal to come clean with the truth and facts, makes every thing you say seem disingenuous

Your words and actions are not those of a Premier.  Mr Selinger, whom you have castigated for his handling of the PST increase, came forward and admitted his mistake.  Rather than coming forward and saying that you should have been more forthright about your life in Costa Rica, you dig your feet in and get bitter towards those who would find the facts.

Given the manner in which you have conducted yourself, I would imagine that we would have to have a parade and celebrate those days when our newly elected Premier decided to visit us in Manitoba.



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