Karma…and the Jets!! by Geoff Brookes

If you didn’t get a chance yesterday…take a few minutes to read this great blog by Geoff, on the excitement created by the Jets winning the second pick in the draft lottery.

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© Geoff Brookes

Much has been written since last Saturday night, when the Winnipeg Jets won the second spot in the upcoming NHL entry draft this June. Among the many good articles, there is Scott Cullen’s excellent summary of the Jets’ exciting prospects and young stars, at TSN.ca:

But the significance of this event for Jets fans goes beyond the glowing descriptions of likely second overall pick, Patrick Laine of Finland. It goes beyond prospect reviews and depth charts.

Laine 3 Jets fans are really excited about possibly drafting Laine.

Since the Jets returned to Winnipeg in 2011, fans have been troubled by a question that was seldom voiced aloud:

Would the Jets ever have a legitimate superstar in this Jets 2.0 era?

Yes, the Jets have legitimate stars like Blake Wheeler and Dustin Byfuglien, but would we ever be able to call a superstar our own?

The problem is that…

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