Chuck & Geoff’s eclectic blog update.

© Chuck Duboff & Geoff Brookes

After a brief holiday…Geoff and I will be returning with our eclectic blog tomorrow morning.

We appreciate the incredible support we receive; in the 2 1/2 years since we started writing this blog, we have had 49,228 views and now have 1,085 followers.  Geoff and I often joke about the early days when we were thrilled to get 15 views in a day and have 20 followers. To receive 200-400 views in a day is now not unusual.  Your continued support of our ramblings, inspires us to pursue our joy of writing.

Geoff and I 2

Summer, 2011, just after the Jets had returned.


geoff and i book

Hard at work on the blog at the cabin out in Falcon

Geoff and i

…and then having a cold one.






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