Winnipeg Goldeyes Report #3: former Goldeyes Coach, Rudy Arias, a baseball life…by Chuck Duboff

The feedback on yesterday’s blog was amazing; received messages from Baltimore, North Carolina, Miami, Mexico and of course Winnipeg; I appreciate all the kind words about the article, but without Rudy’s help, and the great person he is, the article wouldn’t have come to life; take a couple of minutes to read this again…

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100805 arias 03.jpg Rudy Arias; Winnipeg Goldeyes Coach 2008 – 2010

© Chuck Duboff

“My earliest recollection is hanging with my dad in minor league clubhouses around the country, and of course the first time playing catch with Luis Aparicio and my dad on the field.”  When you read that quote and think about it, it’s no wonder Rudy Arias became a baseball lifer.  Having a dad who made it to the Majors in 1959 with the White Sox and getting to play catch with his dad and Luis Aparicio, a Hall of Fame shortstop for the Chicago White Sox, a man whom Ted Williams called “the best shortstop he had ever seen”, baseball had to become Rudy’s life.  Rudy never felt any pressure from his dad to follow in his footsteps; he just wanted Rudy to enjoy the game.  “I remember he always wanted me to pitch until one day our…

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