Winnipeg Goldeyes opening night, through the eyes of a fan; by Chuck Duboff

After a rain delayed start, the Goldeyes lost in 13 innings last night to Sioux Falls; you can still relive the excitement of opening night with this blog.

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Opening day for baseball means anticipation for the return of a timeless past time.  I could feel the excitement all day yesterday; media outlets had interviews of front office staff and fans.  Goldeyes’ bundle of energy, Tara Maslowsky, tweeted early in the morn that it felt like Christmas morning; by 5:46 in the afternoon, I was standing on the concourse of Shaw Park speaking with TV broadcaster Scott Taylor and he put his hand on my shoulder and said: “Chuck, I wish it was 6:46 already, can’t wait for this to get started!!”

The weather was perfect, the field immaculate, the food stands smelled like ballpark food should and the Goldeyes staff once again put on a seamless performance, ending off with spectacular fireworks illuminating the night sky to the music of the Tragically Hip.

Back to baseball; watching batting practice was interesting for a real baseball…

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One thought on “Winnipeg Goldeyes opening night, through the eyes of a fan; by Chuck Duboff

  1. I left about 9:35 as I am leaving right away for a 7:15 Dr. appointment this morning. Turned the radio on this morning and when I heard 13 innings close to 5 hours it’s a good thing I left when I did. me


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