Winnipeg Goldeyes 1st annual Diversity Day…by Chuck Duboff

dan chase

Credit to Mike Deal of the Winnipeg Free Press for this picture of Dan Chase and Goldeyes staff.

© Chuck Duboff

On Saturday evening, June 4th, the Winnipeg Goldeyes will be holding their first annual Diversity Day, when they play the Lincoln Saltdogs.

Spearheaded by long time Goldeyes front office employee Dan Chase, staff and players will all lend a hand in promoting tolerance of race and sexual orientation.

Check out this great You Can Play video by the Winnipeg Goldeyes:

On a personal level, I am very aware of the Goldeyes support of human rights initiatives. When I led a human rights group which stood up to racism and promoted tolerance for all, the Winnipeg Goldeyes’ Field of Dreams always hit a home run, by lending their support to our initiatives.


At Saturday evening’s ballgame, there will be special recognition of Jackie Robinson,  multi cultural music, a special ceremony for San Francisco baseball fan, Gilbert Baker, who designed the rainbow pride flag in 1978 (he will be in attendance) and video messages by players and staff in support of You Can Play…an organization founded by Patrick Burke, to bring an end to homophobia in sports.

On a personal level, I couldn’t be prouder of the Winnipeg Goldeyes.   They are “my team” and to see them take this initiative…my respect for this team couldn’t be any greater.

circle of friends.

Watch for a complete story Sunday morning on the Goldeyes’ Diversity Day.

Tickets for this very special evening or any other Goldeyes game can be purchased at Ticketmaster, or 204-982-2273.

2 thoughts on “Winnipeg Goldeyes 1st annual Diversity Day…by Chuck Duboff

  1. A very special evening at Shaw Park, special kudos to Dan Chase and the whole Goldeye Organization on “Diversity Day”


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