Former Winnipeg Goldeye, Amos Ramon, though born in “hot Texas”, now calls Winnipeg home; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

As a lifelong baseball fan, there are certain things I watch for in ballplayers.  Are they passionate about the game, do they enjoy playing baseball, are they a team player, do they hustle, are they a hot dog, do they care about the fans, do they respect the game of baseball?
Amos Ramon was one of those Winnipeg Goldeyes who always caught my eye; he seemed to love playing the game;  he always hustled and seemed to really appreciate being a pro. There was never any doubt that he loved the game, both on the field and in his interactions with fans.  Sitting on the 3B side of the seats, I always had a good view of Amos’ intensity, but also how he took the time to talk with fans, and if I recall correctly, would make a point of getting a baseball to a young fan before every game.

Amos was my kind of ballplayer…someone whom I’m sure the Goldeyes were proud to have on their team.  I hope you enjoy this interview with Amos as he talks about baseball, shovelling snow and his beautiful family.


1.  Amos, I’ve always wanted to ask you:  how does a Texas boy give up scorching hot temps and end up living full time in -30 degree Winnipeg?

Love my friend. I met my wife here in 2006 and she was in school at the time finishing up her masters. So, I decided to stay here while she finished up school. She ended up continuing on to her doctorate. Her family is from here so we decided it was best for the time being to stay in Winnipeg.

2.  Your baseball story for the fans out there?  When did you start playing ball?  Where? and what path did that take?

I started playing baseball at the age of 4. I went to Mary Carroll High School in Corpus Christi, Texas. I was a dual player, starting pitcher and second base. I ended up tearing my rotator cuff my senior year and didn’t get any offers for life after high school. I decided that I wasn’t done playing, so we hopped in the car and drove to a bunch of Junior College tryouts. With a torn rotator cuff, I ended up getting scholarship to Alvin Junior College in Alvin, Texas. After my two years there, I ended up signing to go to Louisiana Tech. I played there for two years and then got a phone call from Rick, asking me to play for Winnipeg. At the time, I had no idea where that was. Came to Winnipeg in 06. Then was traded Windy City Thunderbolts, 07 and 08. Then traded to Kalamazoo Kings 09. I was then traded to Lake County Fielders where we played against the Goldeyes 2010. In 2011, I was then traded to Winnipeg and that was the year I tore my ACL. I then came back in 2012, we all know what happened that year. 2013 I played in Winnipeg and then I was released in spring training of 2014. I was then picked up by Lancaster Barnstormers of the Atlantic League and then traded to Sioux City in June of that year.

3.  You seemed destined to play in Winnipeg…what were your first impressions of the team and city?


I had heard stories about Winnipeg but couldn’t imagine how much this city loves its sports teams. The team and organization in one of the best if not the best to play for. The city of Winnipeg is special, in that it absolutely embraces and loves the Goldeyes. There is a ton of culture in the city and is very diverse. It is by far the best place to play in Independent baseball.


 4.  Who were some of the “characters” you played with a long the way?

Every year there seemed to be a “character” on the team. I won’t name names but we all knew who those guys were. Those guys made each and every day feel different. When you play a 100

games in a 3.5 month season, you need those type of guys to make it fun each and everyday.

5.  Now that you are retired, do you still get that itch to play?


Every year around May and June, the itch is really “itchy.” When you are a baseball player, the itch really doesn’t go away. You just have to scratch it with some kind of competitive activity and it will go away until the following May.


Amos rest

6.  So, you’re a full time dad and husband…tell us about married life, your beautiful daughter and living in Winnipeg.

My wife is by far “the better half” of me. She is my rock and without her, not sure how far I would have gone in my baseball career. Every baseball player, needs a good support system outside of field. With my wife, she was the one that kept my head in order. Like I said, without her, not sure how long I would have played. Not sure if I would stayed long enough to come back and play in Winnipeg. My daughter is amazing. They tell you, “wait till you see her for the first time, she will change your life for the better,” trust me that does. Everyday is a new adventure with her and we absolutely love it. It’s hard to remember life without her.

7.  So, it’s -40 on a January day and the snow needs shovelling…are you phoning home to Texas to see how hot it is down there?  Who does the shovelling?


All the time its that cold, I take pictures and show my parents the forecast. I do all the shovelling. It’s a good workout and I don’t mind it. It sure is cold though.



Now retired, Amos and his daughter are popular with fans at Goldeyes games.

8.  You were, and still are, a fan favourite for Goldeyes fans…why do you think that was?  and…you’re still recognized today…

I think fans just like guys who are really interactive with the fans and will stay and give back to the community. I tried to do that. When I played, I always thought about that young kid that would look up to me, so I had to set an example. Every time I stepped onto the field, I made sure that I gave everything that day. I think fans just like hard nosed players. I’m only really recognized when I go to the Goldeyes games.

9.  Your favourite restaurants you enjoy in Winnipeg?


Of course I would have to say Fusian Experience, not because I used to be part owner but because the food is amazing. Chef Chris Taing is amazing and I think, a genius with food and bringing different styles of cooking together. He’s not afraid to push the limits with food. Also, Siam Thai is really good. My wife and I enjoy Clay Oven. When we need a good burger, we really like Five Guys. My wife cooks up some good meals as well. I don’t mind staying home either.

10.  Favourite major leaguer growing up?

I was a big Houston Astros fan when I was growing up and still am. My favourite player was Craig Biggio. He played the game hard and did everything right.

11.  Finally, are the Goldeyes going to have an Amos Ramon bobble head day?

That would be awesome. That’s something you would have to ask Andrew Collier. 


2 thoughts on “Former Winnipeg Goldeye, Amos Ramon, though born in “hot Texas”, now calls Winnipeg home; by Chuck Duboff

  1. Great interview. And when Amos mentioned Craig Biggio as his favorite MBL player, you can see why “Famous Amos” played the style of baseball he showed us here in Winnipeg.


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