Former Winnipeg Goldeye, Amos Ramon, though born in “hot Texas”, now calls Winnipeg home; by Chuck Duboff

Take a few minutes to get to know former Winnipeg Goldeye, Amos Ramon; a Texas boy now living in Winnipeg and shovelling snow!!

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© Chuck Duboff

As a lifelong baseball fan, there are certain things I watch for in ballplayers.  Are they passionate about the game, do they enjoy playing baseball, are they a team player, do they hustle, are they a hot dog, do they care about the fans, do they respect the game of baseball?
Amos Ramon was one of those Winnipeg Goldeyes who always caught my eye; he seemed to love playing the game;  he always hustled and seemed to really appreciate being a pro. There was never any doubt that he loved the game, both on the field and in his interactions with fans.  Sitting on the 3B side of the seats, I always had a good view of Amos’ intensity, but also how he took the time to talk with fans, and if I recall correctly, would make a point of getting a baseball to a young fan…

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