The Goldeyes Report: it’s 2 hours before game time at Shaw Park; by Chuck Duboff

It’s Fathers Day…a great day for a Baseball Game…get out to Shaw Park this afternoon for the Goldeyes and St Paul Saints.

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© Chuck Duboff

It’s game night, and by 5:30 fans are already lining up for a 7:00 PM game.  While Goldeyes fans socialize and eagerly wait to be let in at 6:00 PM, there is lots going on inside the ballpark.  Goldeyes staff are sweeping up to present a clean ball park, food is being brought in and getting ready to be served to hungry fans, the base lines are being marked out, the teams get on the field for stretching and batting practice, upbeat music keeps everyone smiling, both teams managers contemplate the game in front of them…and as the time gets closer to 6:00 PM, the movement throughout the ballpark is quite hectic.  As fans, we rarely get the chance to see what goes on earlier in the afternoon…I was given this opportunity, by Andrew Collier and the Goldeyes, to go in around 5:00 PM and get a…

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