The Butterfly Effect, Gary Bettman & One Great Friendship.

This blog resonates even stronger today…back on June 2, Geoff, unselfishly, spent a whole day with my kids at the hospital taking care of me…it sounds so strange to say: but, thank you to Gary Bettman for this great friendship with Geoff.

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On this day after Christmas, while resting, reading, watching or conversing, we give you something to ponder. Recently, Geoff and I were discussing, debating, opining about this journey called life. We often get into philosophical discussions about life, politics, religion and Tolkien. Our conversation on this day sparked a “heavy thought” which really left me shaking my head. I shared it with Geoff and we both were taken aback by the enormity of this idea.


Back in the spring of 2011, Geoff and I didn’t know each other; it was in a chatroom dedicated to the return of the Winnipeg Jets where we met. Both being passionate fans of Jets 1.0, we both wanted so badly for our Jets to come back to Winnipeg. In this virtual community, Geoff and I got to know each other. However, and this is where it gets really interesting, were it…

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