Kevin Cheveldayoff: “It’s an exciting time for our franchise”…by Geoff Brookes

©Geoff Brookes


It’s an exciting time for our franchise.

When the purveyor of platitudes, Winnipeg Jets General Manager Kevin Cheveldayoff, makes such straightforward, unreserved statements, you know that he’s probably been doing fist pumps every day when he wakes up, checks his “quick file”, and confirms to himself yet again that, “yes, I really do have the #2 NHL draft pick, and yes, I’m going to pick Patrick Laine.”

Check out some great interviews with Chevy, Laine and Stanley…and a behind the scenes look at excitement for Laine and Stanley..

He’s had to act with restraint  publicly, because that’s how he sees his role. He’s actually said that he also wants the fans to have an element of surprise on draft day, for the sake of their experience as fans – for the joy of that moment.

Great Podcast with Paul Maurice from early Saturday morning…very interesting comments:

As Winnipeg Jets fans, let’s all reflect on the enormity of this moment in Jets 2.0 history. And, even if “Chevy” wasn’t himself responsible for the luck that brought the #2 overall pick, let’s thank him for bringing that lucky break to its happy conclusion. There were offers for that pick – essentially offers for Patrik Laine – and Chevy turned them down. Let’s smile, make plans to arrive early at the Jets prospect development camp next month, and say “Thanks Chevy!”


And yes, I know that this does not necessarily mean that Laine will be an instant superstar, or that the Jets will be an instant contender.

What we do know is that, with the addition of Laine and Hobie Baker finalist Kyle Connor, together with some solid young talent and established NHL stars, the Jets have a young team that is going to be very exciting, with the potential to be a great team.

The Jets other first round pick yesterday involves a trade with the Flyers, in which the Jets moved up 4 spots in the first round, from 22nd to 18th overall. The Jets sent their second round pick (36th overall) to the Flyers for their third round pick (79th overall), for the privilege of picking 4 spots earlier in the first round.


You may recall that this later first round pick was acquired from Chicago, along with Marko Dano, in the Andrew Ladd trade.

With this pick, the Jets drafted 6′ 7″ defenseman Logan Stanley. The Jets must feel strongly about him, based on their feeling that they needed to trade up in the first round to make sure that they were able to get him. As a left shooting defenseman, he might shore up that area of the roster where the Jets have less depth.

But it’s Patrik Laine’s arrival in Winnipeg that is the potential turning point for the development of this Jets team into something really special. Although they are just comparisons for style, names like Ovechkyn and Brett Hull have been tossed around. He’s a natural goal scorer who has been deadly on the power play.

Right about now, that also sounds like a big help for our Winnipeg Jets 2.0!

“It’s an exciting time for our franchise.”


2 thoughts on “Kevin Cheveldayoff: “It’s an exciting time for our franchise”…by Geoff Brookes

  1. Believe this says it all, from last nights 1st. 2 choices
    “It’s an exciting time for our franchise.”i t will likely take a wee while for this all to kick in but “Jet Fans” have shown 1 main ingredient it’s Patience!


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