Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

let go
© Chuck Duboff
… so proud to be Canadian.
… it’s been one month and life has never been better.
… sad watching what is happening to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
…grateful to have so many great friends; a real blessing.
…big shout out to Geoff, camping up at Clear Lake; great Jets blogs this week pal.
…taking Laine and Ben and friends to Dairy Queen for ice cream; awesome!!!


Laine & Ben in the white shirts along with their friends Lincoln & Nixon

…Mr. Bryski; thank you…you have always inspired me and shown me the path!!  Glad you are coming to Goldeyes games this season.
…Had an awesome day by the pool on Canada Day; was packed and so much fun!!!
…So impressed with the manner in which the Jets stick to their plan; wish the season was starting tomorrow.
…Have had so many people share that they love the reporting that Mr. Goldeye, Mickey Steen and I are doing on the Winnipeg Goldeyes this season.  Great stuff Mick.
…The image of Canada around the world makes you so proud to be a Canadian.


…filled with gratitude and very humbled by what occurred a month ago today; it was both a wake up call and an awakening.  It’s what I needed.
…newspapers are dying and I would suggest within five years, maybe less, we will see the death of newspapers.
…can’t wait for our Jets ticket draft…can’t believe this is already our 6th season coming up.  Feels like just yesterday Geoff and I were partying in downtown Winnipeg, upon the return of our Jets.
…I don’t know if you are reading this Tracey, but it is so wonderful how our friendship has grown; from teaching together in Cancun…you and your beautiful family down in Denver and me up here in Winnipeg…your friendship means a lot to me.
…Looking forward to taking Laine & Ben to the Jets development camp Monday; we’ve got pictures of them with Nic Ehlers & Josh Morrisey the last two summers! Patrick Laine is on their radar!!
…constantly amazed by the fabulous photographer that Matt has turned into; what a talent!!
…I have said this so many times, but I believe that Donald Trump’s vile language and behaviour, has given the neanderthals, the KKK, the NRA, permission to come out from their bunkers and act like idiots.  I fear for my friends in the States.


Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester

Is this the image that a presidential candidate should be portraying?

…another great sun filled summer day…time to go for a hike, hang out by the pool and then off to Goldeyes baseball.

One thought on “Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

  1. Another great read, touched a lot of various subjects and Thank you for the kind words re the Winnipeg Goldeyes reporting.

    On the decline of the Newspapers, I get the F/P and I enjoy the comic section and if anyone has been reading the one comic strip CRANKSHAFT, an older chap, and presently he is going through the same ordeal of getting used to reading his local newspaper on line on his Ipad, computer, I better get prepared for that day here in Winnipeg.


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