Goldeyes report: Pre-game routine of 2 long time fans…by Chuck Duboff

Chuck’s Eclectic Blog.

FullSizeRender (4) Looking out over their Field of Dreams.   (Dan LeMoal photo)

© Chuck Duboff

Game time is 6:00 PM on a hot, sunny Saturday.  Their routine begins around 4:40, as they stroll onto the concourse; Chuck stops by the engraved paving stones to say hi to all of his family…Mom, Dad, Carly, Matt, Chris, Laine and Ben.  “So, you want to head up?”  We climb,the stairs arriving at a sunny entrance to the ballpark.  Leaning over the brick wall, we watch as umpires, players, fans make their way into the ballpark.  “There’s Brenda, there’s Erica, there’s the men in blue.” Mick proudly announces.

13606836_10154085702005783_2073682780701051532_n Good times with Luis Alen.

We talk about the injured Goldeyes and inquire if there are any updates on when Heisler and Abercrombie will be returning to the lineup.  We are both intrigued by the new player on the team, a Canadian kid, who looks all of…

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