Does she know?…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

These words,
They speak to her.

A mind, so deep,
Inquisitive and

A smile, sparkling,
Melting and
Breath taking.

Eyes, like stars,
Lighting up,
Speaking, shining
Capturing souls.

A body,
So lithe,
Sweat glistening, dripping,
Legs…long and

The rose

Breasts, perfectly
Small and  alive.
Inducing palpitations
Of the heart.

Does she know?
A mind, a smile
A body…
Eyes and breasts
So perfect…

She knows…
She knows how…
She knows how her mind,
That sexual organ,

Has captured everything
I am.

Does she really know?

Perchance, perchance…

Words, words, words…
Will be uttered.

I will know.


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