Bucket list: check!! Broadcast booth for a professional baseball game!…by Chuck Duboff

Thank you to everyone for all the great feedback on this blog; being in the radio broadcast booth for a Goldeyes game, truly was an item on my bucket list that can  now be checked off.

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Godleyes script
© Chuck Duboff
Before I begin sharing last night’s experience, I would like to extend a very special Thank You to Andrew Collier and the Winnipeg Goldeyes for all the access they have given me to the team this season.  Batting practice, broadcast booth, interviewing former players, managers and current Goldeyes…it’s been a fabulous summer of Goldeyes baseball, and I hope that through these blogs I’ve been able to share some of the baseball experiences that we as fans don’t normally get to see.

When I first approached Goldeyes GM Andrew Collier this spring about writing blogs about the team this summer, one of the ideas I had was to write about Goldeyes baseball through the eyes of a fan…not just game summaries, but to share things that we as fans don’t normally get to experience.

Last night’s Goldeyes game was truly an experience that the average, or even devoted baseball…

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