Make that a 10 game winning streak for the Winnipeg Goldeyes!! The team has its mojo heading into a 9 game homestand. By Chuck Duboff.



© Chuck Duboff

“This team is feeling good and loose; everyone is hungry and feels like no matter what happens on the field, we have each others backs…we can’t wait to get back home” Goldeyes bullpen catcher, Dan Perron.

Currently on a 10 game winning streak, the Winnipeg Goldeyes are sizzling heading into the stretch drive of the season.  With just 26 games left, the Goldeyes seem to have an upper hand with 19 of them being home games!!!  The Goldeyes have control of the wild card position, with a 3 game lead over Laredo.  If the Goldeyes keep playing like they have been, first place isn’t out of the question.  They still play St.Paul 9 more times, so the opportunity is there!!

“Our team has always been talented, but now its showing with every pitch thrown and every at bat.  With the type of guys we have, I don’t see any reason why we can’t keep playing like this.”  Kevin McGovern, Goldeyes starter.

Forney 1There’s always a turning point in a season;  a game or a transaction which lit a fire on the team!!  When Goldeyes manager Rick Forney picked up Willie Cabrera earlier in the season and made the decision to stick with all of his everyday players and not move one of them…that was the spark that got this team going.  Though Forney has said numerous times that he’s “not smart enough to manage all these guys”, I would suggest Rick has done a masterful job of managing a plethora of talented position players.  In the past Rick has loaded up on the bullpen, but by keeping his every day players fresh with days off, the offence is clicking on all cylinders.  By giving players like Josh Romanski, Adam Heisler, Willie Cabrera, Jacob Rodgers and All Star MVP David Rohm days off…Rick Forney is doing some outstanding managing of the Goldeyes.

Goldeyes Casio Grider IF (9)-Jun 5 Paul McKeen-WG_28400

Casio Greider on the base paths.

“All the guys on the team this year seem to get along super well with one another and that each player knows his role and strives to make our 2016 team a successful team.” Goldeyes fan, Mickey Steen.

The Goldeyes defence, heading into the last 26 games, looks solid.  An infield of Rodgers, Greider, Gonzalez and Darvll (along with Hoopi-Haslem) is playing with confidence, while the outfield, led by Reggie Abercrombie’s outstanding CF play, has been terrific.

Rogers and RegThe offence has its mojo right now…the table setters, Heisler and Gonzalez, are getting on base and then the big bats like Abercrombie, Cabrera, Rohm, Romanski and Rodgers do the damage.  Added to that is the fact  that players like Carlton Tanaby, Ridge Hoopi Haslim and Wes Darvill are contributing.  Players seem to be feeding off each other right now…and as Perron said “the team is hungry”.  With just 26 games left, the team knows whats at stake now.

“The addition of Willie Cabrera, combined with the emergence of Eric Eadington as the closer, have both made a huge difference.”  Scott Taylor, baseball columnist,

The starting pitchers are giving the Goldeyes a chance to win every game.  Kevin McGovern, Ethan Carnes, Edwin Carl, Mikey O’Brien and Duke von Schamman are taking the mound every night and pitching lights out.  Even if a run or two is given up early in the game, the starters settle down and shut the other team down the rest of the way.  The bullpen has been led by Eric Eadington, Cameron McVey and Kyle Anderson, all doing a great job in the late innings.  Shimo, Tasim and Lotzkar , in middle relief, are critical to getting the ball to the back end of the bullpen with the team in good shape.

Goldeyes July 13 Eadington staring down the mound moody

Eric Eadington

Then there’s the season that Reggie Abercrombie is having.. Though he got off to a slower start than was expected, you knew that he would heat up, and as Forney said the other day on the pre-game show “nobody has played better in this league the last three weeks.” Reggie is in some kind of zone right now, leading the team with his offence, outstanding defence and overall leadership.  Check out the numbers:

Batting Average:  .318
At Bats:   271
Runs:   52
Hits:   87
HR: 15
BB:   22
SB:   15
OPS: 0.923
SLG:   .546
OBP:   .402

On top of those great numbers, on July 14th, Reggie set the career AA Home Run record!! He is now up to 94 career HR in the American Association and going strong.  As Reggie often says: “I’ll keep playing until my little man back home tells me its enough.”

Goldeyes June 2 Reggie celebration

Celebrating with the Home Run King.

With a 9 game homestand starting Thursday night, Goldeyes Promotion Manager, that bundle of energy, Tara Maslowky, wants everyone to know “there is more to Goldeyes games than just baseball, from the experience of walking into the ballpark to the final out…it’s family friendly, adorable, and fun.  The players are great and the atmosphere is always upbeat and positive.”  Whether you are a hard core baseball fan, or bringing your kids for a fun night out…you’ll have a great time.  I’m reminded, don’t forget about all the amazing food at the ballpark…


Reggie, GM Andrew Collier and Manager Rick Forney celebrating Reggie’s HR record.

I would suggest that if the team keeps playing the kind of ball they have been for the past month, not only will they make the playoffs, but they could go on a long run and bring another American Association Championship back to Winnipeg.

Get your Goldeyes tickets for the playoff drive…it’s going to be some great baseball.  Go to or any Ticketmaster or call 204-982-2273.



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