5 Games in 2 1/2 days; Goldeyes pitchers are in for a tough few days!! by Chuck Duboff



© Chuck Duboff

Thanks to Mother Nature, the Winnipeg Goldeyes and St Paul Saints now have to play 5 games in just 2 1/2 days.  There will be a double header this evening starting at 5:30 PM and then another double header starting Wednesday at 5:30.  If that isn’t enough to exhaust a pitching staff, then both teams have to get up early on Thursday and play an 11:00 AM game.  That’s 5 games in 41 1/2 hours.

The every day players are going to be challenged to keep up their energy; that’s not easy standing on the field that long for 5 games.  Players are going to have to get their rest, eat well and do the best they can to stay focused.


But, for the Winnipeg Goldeyes, manager Rick Forney is going to have to be a master juggler to figure out how to use his pitching staff.  The starters have to go deep and chew up innings…no matter the score, and the bullpen the same.  If Rick goes to the bullpen, those guys have to give him innings.

With the lead in the Wild Card race down to just 3 1/2 games over Laredo, these next three days are going to be so very crucial.

If you’re a Goldeyes fan, get out there and support the team!!   They’re going to be giving it everything they have…they need you cheering them on!!!


One thought on “5 Games in 2 1/2 days; Goldeyes pitchers are in for a tough few days!! by Chuck Duboff

  1. Will be interesting on both sides of the diamond to watch the Field Managers work their magic with their pitching staff. Going to be some pretty tired bodies as that is an awful lot of innings to be played in such a tight time frame.


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