“From the booth”…random thoughts on the Goldeyes big 9-6 win over Fargo; by Chuck Duboff



The view from the booth during the Anthems.


© Chuck Duboff

– Nice to see both papers with reporters at tonight’s game.
– Fargo comes out in grey pants, with black and red tops.  Sorry, the traditionalist in me loves seeing an all grey road uniform.
– Fans sure love their pre-game food at Shaw Park: hot dogs, pizza,thai noodles, beer, nachos, fries, perogies…nothing like being at the ballpark.
– PA Announcer, Ron Arnst, announces: “No smoking or vaping in Shaw Park.”.  Must be 2016.
– Let’s play ball; big game for the Goldeyes with Laredo and Sioux City breathing down their neck.
– Great catch by Casio Grider in the top of the first to save a hit.  Goldeyes MVP??
– Ethan Carnes sharp in the top of the first.
– My walk up song, if I was hitting, would be LA Woman by the Doors.
– Big getting Cabrera back tonight for the Goldeyes; gets a single bottom of 1.
– Goldeyes leave the bases loaded bottom of 1.
– Weird seeing Josh Mazola in a Fargo uniform.
– Carnes has a solid 2nd inning.
– Love the view from up here in the booth.


Photo credit: Dan LeMoal

– Great bunt by Grider in the bottom of the 2nd.  He does it all…
– Goldeyes scratch out a run in the 2nd and take a 1-0 lead.
– Fargo catcher Charlie Valerio, hits a 2 run, wind aided, bomb to left field.  2-1 Fargo.
– Nice visit with Sam Katz, as he stops by the booth to say hi.  Sure is looking good “well, it’s been two years since city hall Chuck.”  lol
– Willie Cabrera with his second hit of the game.
– David Rohm gets an RBI single and the game is tied at 2; thats 66 RBI’s for Rohm.
– Wes Darvill with an RBI double making it 3-2; the kid is just a solid baseball player.
– Ethan Carnes with a clean top of the 4th; giving the Goldeyes a solid performance.
– Reggie Abercrombie, named finalist for the AA Man of the year, hits a 2 run HR, to the fans chanting “Reggie, Reggie”  That puts Reggie at 18 HRs, tied for 2nd in the league.


Reggie celebrating with his teammates.

– David Rohm follows that up with another 2 run tater, 7-2 Goldeyes; Rohm now has 68 RBI’s, 2nd in the league.
– The air is starting to get crisp at night…playoffs must be just around the corner.
– Dust up in the Fargo dugout after the Goldeyes big inning; starting pitcher Tyler Alexander tosses his glove and gets into it with his pitching coach; Josh Mazola separates the two of them.  Yup, it’s been a long season and now the RedHawks are in the midst of a tight playoff race.
– Great diving catch by Darvill, scrambles to the bag and saves a run.
– Man is Grider fast; scores on a shallow fly ball by Cabrera and makes the score 8-3.
– Victor Capellan take over for the Goldeyes in the top of the 6th and promptly gives up a 2 run HR to KD Kang, making the score 8-5.
– Watching Dancing Gabe leading the fans in cheers just brings a smile!!
– Goldeyes need some insurance runs…Fargo has too many dangerous bats.
– Eric Eadington takes over in the 7th inning; is that too early to bring him in?
– Grider with a big HR to give the Goldeyes a 9-5 lead.
– Goldeyes skipper Rick Forney had mentioned in the off season and the start of the year that he wanted a more athletic team; he sure found the right players for that…lots of speed on the base paths this season.
– Eadington looks dominant out there.
– David Rohm with 3 big hits tonight.
– I don’t know how play by play man Steve Schuster does it; Fargo brought in a rookie to pitch late in the game; Steve starts rattling off stats about the kid and explains how he went to Pace University in New York City…and then he adds; they are the Setters…the Pace University Setters.  Maybe Steve is just a savant when it comes to baseball facts and stats.  Love sitting beside him and listening to him call a game.
– MLB veteran pitcher, Winston Abreu comes in to pitch the 9th inning.  Now in his 21st season of professional ball, 39 year old Abreu is still clocking 93 on the radar gun and his slider looks as nasty as ever.
– Lots of fans still here cheering on the Goldeyes in the top of 9th.
– Abreu closes out the 9th and the Goldeyes get a Big 9-6 win, moving them 2 1/2 ahead of Laredo Lemurs.
– Nice to hear Forney in the post game show tell Steve Schuster: “I’m proud of my guys,”
– That’s a big, big win for the Fish; game four of this series is Thursday night…get out and enjoy some great baseball.


David Rohm (12) and his team mates celebrating after the game.   Photo credit: Dan LeMoal.

– Get tickets for Goldeyes games at: TicketMaster, goldeyes.com, 204-982-2273



One thought on ““From the booth”…random thoughts on the Goldeyes big 9-6 win over Fargo; by Chuck Duboff

  1. Big WIN for the Eyes, always great when our fans get into The Game, am sure it helps lift the Goldeye players. When you have a chat with any of the guys somewhere in the conversation they mention the support of their “home town” fans.


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