“From the Booth”…random thoughts on Goldeyes big 10-4 win over Sioux City; by Chuck Duboff


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© Chuck Duboff

– beautiful summer evening for a ball game…
– interesting watching the stream of fans going to their seats: old, young, baseball jerseys hats and gloves, wheelchairs, bright colours, balloons, backpacks and lots of food in hand.
– with 9 games left in the season, Goldeyes have a 1 1/2 game lead on Laredo; every game is crucial now.  Goldeyes need a big start from Edwin Carl (8-6), whose going up against Hobs Johnson.(1-1)
– Beautiful 75mph change up by Carl to strikeout lead off hitter.  Strikes out the side!!!
– Gonzalez walks, steals 2nd (28th), and is driven home by an Abercrombie double. 1-0.
– Poor throw by catcher Carlton Tanabe to Carl, allows run to score for Sioux City.  1-1
– Errors on both teams…tired players?  playoff race pressure? End of 2, tied 1-1.
– Great play by Casio Grider, a tough one hopper, takes away a base hit!!  Reggie makes a tough catch in CF fighting the sun.  Carl looks good through 3 innings.
–  Men on 1st and 2nd, will Reggie bring them home?  Heisler steals 3rd; Reggie flies out.

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Reggie Abercrombie with 3 hits on the night, drives in another run.

– Great catch by Josh Romanski in right to save an extra base hit
– Edwin Carl with a 94 MPH fastball, gets 6th strike out; heading to bottom 4, 1-1.
–  Bases loaded again for the Goldeyes…they need to capitalize on these opportunities.  New pitcher, Sean Blackwell,  coming in for Sioux City.
-Heisler beats out double play and drives in Darvill to give Goldeyes 2-1 lead.  Cabrera follows up with a single and drives in Tanabe; 3-1.  Abercromie drives home Heisler, 4-1 Goldeyes. Romanski drives home Cabrera; Goldeyes up 5-1 going to 5.

Great double play by Goldeyes; line drive hit at Romanski in right field; he then fires a strike to home plate getting the runner trying to score from third.  Reminded by Scott Taylor that Romanski used to be a pitcher in the Yankees system…thus the great arm.

– End of 5, Goldeyes up 5-1.  Could really use a few more innings from Carl to give the bullpen a day’s rest.
– Carl struggling in the top of the 6th.  Forney goes out to have a talk with him…Explorers get one on a fielder’s choice.  Tough play at home…5-2.  Forney takes Carl out and Cameron McVey takes over.  Two out, men on 2nd and 3rd.  McVey gets the big strikeout…score now 5-2 Goldeyes heading into bottom of six.
– Reggie with his third hit, a triple!!  What a leader on the team…like he’s taking the team on his back, willing them into the playoffs.
– David Rohm drives Reggie in, 6-2 lead Goldeyes.  Bases loaded now for Wes Darvill….Darvill with the double to drive in 3 runs!!  9-2 Goldeyes!!
– Canaries cut the lead to 9-3 with a come backer to the pitcher that leaves runners on 1st and 3rd.  Goldeyes need a double play here…McVey gets a strike out, 2 out.  Forney comes out to change pitchers, Robert Tasi n coming in; double steal and score now 9-4.
– Tazin hit 94 on the radar gun.  It amazes me how common place pitching in the ’90’s seems today…just a few years ago hitting the 90’s was outstanding!!  Now you’ve got pitchers like Aroldis Chapman and Dellin Batances throwing over 100 regularly.
– Heading to top of 8, Goldeyes up 9-4; meanwhile Laredo is losing 3-0…if the scores hold up, the Goldeyes would be up 2 1/2 games.
– Side arm pitcher Victor Capelian, from the Dominican Republic,  comes in to pitch the 8th.  Capelian, also hitting 94  on the gun, has a nice 1,2,3 inning.
– David Rohm crushes a double to left centre to lead off the 8th…he sure can hit!!  Comes around to score on a wild pitch, making the score 10-4 Goldeyes.
– Brandon Shimo comes in to pitch the top of the 9th…another Derek Jeter like play by Casio Grider to get the 2nd out.  An easy grounder ends the game…10-4 Goldeyes.


Another Big Win for the Goldeyes, who now have a 2 1/2 game lead in the wild card race.

– Reggie Abercrombie named player of the game!!  “This is the time of year we all love; playoff race…it’s better than having nothing to play for and knowing you’re going home in 8 days.”  Reggie to Steve Schuster on the post game show.”
– Great news on the out of town scoreboard: Laredo loses, giving Goldeyes a big 2 1/2 game lead in the wild card race…AND…St. Paul loses leaving the Goldeyes only 3 games back of first place with a big 3 game series in St.Paul starting Tuesday night.
– Last word to the skipper, who shared these thoughts with Steve Schuster on the post-game show: “Last night, we played a good game, with the exception of one bad half inning on the defensive side,” said Goldeyes’ manager Rick Forney .  “Nice bounce-back effort today.  We got a great start from Edwin.  He threw the ball really well today.”

Every game is big now…so get out this afternoon and cheer on the Goldeyes as they battle for a playoff spot.  You can get tickets at the box office at Shaw Park, go to goldeyes.com or check out Ticket Master. It’s going to be a beautiful afternoon for baseball.



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