Jacob Trouba; to sign or not to sign, that is the question!! by Geoff Brookes

If you didn’t get a chance yesterday, take a few minutes to read this interesting analysis of the situation facing the Winnipeg Jets in their attempts to sign RFA, Jacob Trouba.

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With trepidation, I am writing a blog on one of the most talked about Winnipeg Jets stories this summer – when and how will Jacob Trouba sign a new contract with the Winnipeg Jets?

I’m a reluctant blogger on this topic because there is so very little to report, factually speaking. On the other hand, there are as many opinions as there are Jets fans:

  • Trouba doesn’t like Winnipeg, or the Jets. Or, Trouba loves Winnipeg, and loves the Jets.
  • Trouba has issues off the ice. Or, Trouba is a model for the Jets’ successful youth movement.
  • Trouba’s agent is being unrealistic. Or, Trouba’s agent is just negotiating the best deal possible.
  • Trouba will sign a bridge deal. Trouba will only sign a long-term deal.
  • Trouba doesn’t want to play on left defense (his “off” side). Or, Trouba doesn’t mind playing his “off” side.
  • Trouba isn’t happy…

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