Dieter Brock, Kenny Ploen, Reggie Abercrombie & Patrick Laine; by Chuck Duboff


Would you believe…we talked about our grandchildren!!  So great visiting with Dieter!!

© Chuck Duboff
After all these years of being a sports fan, I’m still not quite sure why we get so excited about meeting our sports heroes.  Is it that they are able to do what we always dreamed of doing?  Do they embody characteristics, values, attitudes, personalities that somehow we connect to?

I was awestruck Saturday afternoon when I got to have my picture taken with both my boyhood hero, Mr. Kenny Ploen, and all time Winnipeg Blue Bomber great QB, Dieter Brock!!  I was taken to that line from Field of Dreams…”Is this heaven?  No, it’s Iowa”  Well, to say I felt like I was in heaven would be an understatement.  Joking around with Dieter and having Mr.Ploen autograph my hat and take the time to have a picture with me…I felt like I was ten years old again…thank you.


Three old men…with some pretty big smiles!!!!

It’s been a pretty amazing summer; early in July, I took Laine and Ben to the Jets rookie camp where we were lucky enough to meet Jets young star, Patrick Laine…I don’t know who was more thrilled about it, Laine and Ben, or moi?  But it sure was very cool; he was accommodating and was actually quite taken aback that our Laine shares the same name with him.


And then there is Mr. Reggie Abercrombie of the Winnipeg Goldeyes;  Reggie, a former MLB player, embodies all that is good about baseball.  Being a baseball nerd, his playing in the Majors meant a lot to me…he had been in the show for 170 games!!  How very cool that he plays for the Goldeyes…but he’s so much more than that.  He’s a great human being who takes the time for everybody: young fan or old fan…baseball neophyte or hardened baseball fan…Reggie is a good human being…and, oh yeah, a pretty darn good ballplayer at 35 years old.

Reggie Abercrombie with 3 generations of the Duboff family!!  Thank you Reg!!




One thought on “Dieter Brock, Kenny Ploen, Reggie Abercrombie & Patrick Laine; by Chuck Duboff

  1. Just a super great afternoon, and so true, even at my age, I become a kid again when you get to meet in person, one of “your” childhood sports stars!


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