Celebrate Good Times…players, management and fans…the 2016 Goldeyes Championship Party…in pix!! by Chuck Duboff

What a great night of celebrating the Winnipeg Goldeyes 2016 Championship.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed the party at Shaw Park!!



Casio Grider celebrating with the fans!!!


With Goldeyes Ace, Kevin McGovern



How about this for an 8th Birthday for Big Ben!!  Here he is with his favourite player. Kevin McGovern.



Reggie Abercrombie with the Mayor of Winnipeg, Brian Bowman.


A very happy, content, GM of the Winnipeg Goldeyes, Andrew Collier, enjoying the celebration.





With Goldeyes hitting coach, Tom Vaeth.



With Goldeyes fans Brenda and Jenn and the American Association Championship Trophy.



Does life get any better than this?  With my two angels, Laine and Ben…and the American Association Championship Trophy!!



“Hey Little Man, Get Over Here!!”…Reggie shouted to me…I can’t say enough about this gentleman.  Still a great ballplayer…but, what a class act.  Thanks for everything Reggie.



Team owner, Sam Katz, thanking his ballplayers, staff and all the fans.  Thank you Sam for this amazing baseball organization.


Kevin McGovern and the Goldeyes #1 Fan, Mickey Steen


These three great men helped to make this the Baseball Summer of my Life!!  That’s Casio Grider on the far left, Kevin McGovern and play by play man, Steve Schuster.  Thank you to all of you.  Watching you guys was a joy for a die hard baseball fan.


Isn’t this what baseball is all about?  Kevin looks like one of the kids!!  Thanks for everything this summer Kevin!!!  I hope some Major League Organization took notice…if not, see you next spring.


One thought on “Celebrate Good Times…players, management and fans…the 2016 Goldeyes Championship Party…in pix!! by Chuck Duboff

  1. Great evening last night at Shaw Park celebrating with OUR Winnipeg Goldeyes,
    2016 American Association Baseball League Champions. Once again these players showed how genuine they are in supporting one another. And to a man they all expressed how much they appreciated all the Fan Support, throughout the year.
    Job well done in putting all these photos together. Our 2016 baseball season comes to an end and what a fan-tastic year it was.


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