A breathtaking Italy…in words and pictures from Geoff Brookes

LOTS OF NEW PICTURES ADDED…if you viewed this yesterday…check it out again for some breathtaking new pix; if you didn’t get to this blog yesterday, take a few minutes to enjoy some great narrative and pix.

Chuck & Geoff's Eclectic Blog.

© Chuck Duboff

My good friend Geoff Brookes, and his wife Laureen, are currently on a three week holiday in Italy.  Geoff has been sending breathtaking pictures and this morning an e-mail arrived (of course Geoff has been asking for Jets updates…lol)  Enjoy this blog written and photographed in Italy:


© Geoff Brookes

‘m in the outdoor seating at “Bar Focacceria Antonio”, in Monterosso Al Mare, on a peaceful Saturday morning. In the misty distance I can see rocky hills falling to the sea like folds in a roughly thrown blanket. In each fold is another town of the “Cinque Terre”, the five towns that dot this spectacular stretch of the Mediterranean Sea. I’m having my second cappuccino, but I will wait until Laureen wakes to sample the three kinds of Focaccia bread that I spied in the display case. (We brought our gluten-cutter pills for this reason). This is where…

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