“Feels like it was a dream.” Springsteen2Wpg meets Bruce Springsteen…by Diane Geddes

© Chuck Duboff:  I have been a Bruce Springsteen fan for as long as I can remember.  I have all his music, read many books on Bruce, am currently reading his bio and watch concert videos all the time.  I saw Bruce perform one time, down in Fargo; His words, his music, have always connected with me.  I am a big fan, BUT, Winnipeg’s ultimate fan is Diane Geddes.…the organizer of Springsteen2wpg; to say she is a super fan would be an understatement.  She goes to concerts all over the world…and quite simply, lives and breathes Bruce.  It really has become her mission in life to get Bruce to play in Winnipeg. This past weekend, Bruce was in Seattle signing copies of his new book, Born To Run.  Of course, Diane flew to Seattle on Friday and…I’ll let her tell you about the amazing experience of meeting Bruce and giving him a kiss…

“He made each person feel special.”


Diane, in her own words:

In August 2013 when I was flying back from Ireland, I had a crazy idea to try to get Bruce to Winnipeg after others had tried. I had just seen Bruce play places that were so much smaller than Winnipeg. It just wasn’t fair.

My goal was to get attention for Winnipeg with Bruce’s people and I was hoping with Bruce.

Yesterday, Mission Accomplished! I can say with confidence that Bruce’s people know we love and want him to play here… and NOW Bruce knows.

There is nothing more to do except for all of us to wait in anticipation for the next tour.









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