The last days of…Richard Nixon (Donald Trump), relived; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


Having lived through the nightmare of Watergate, and the impeachment of Richard Nixon, I often wonder what it would have been like with the social media we have today. Newspapers reported the story, the nightly news at 5:30 did its best to explain what was happening, and books were being published faster than they ever had been.
Richard Nixon and the Republican party lied to the American people; they broke into DNC headquarters; Nixon was defiant right until the end.
Fast forward some 45 years and we are in an information age where news is breaking seemingly by the second; “I can’t stay off of Twitter” has been heard over and over again these past few days.  Watching the Donald Trump campaign unravel in real time, CNN trying to catch its breath, Twitter, Facebook and countless social media platforms exploding with everyone wanting to get the latest piece of news.
Watching the embattled Donald Trump defiantly say he will never quit, takes me back to Richard Nixon’s same words; my only surprise so far is that Donald Trump’s campaign hasn’t imploded earlier…I truly expected this October surprise much earlier!!
It does make for riveting theatre and it will be fascinating to watch this last month before the 2016 election unfold.



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