No paper today? Here’s some reading: Monday Morning Random Thoughts; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff



  • Phew…just catching my breath from that debate.
  • Dictators like Stalin had their political opponents arrested after elections; in Mexico, the gangs kidnap or kill their political opponents; Trumps threat last night…democracy at its’ worst.
  • When will Bombers QB, Matt Nichols get the accolades he deserves for turning the Bombers season around?
  • It got cold out waaaaaaay too early…it’s only the start of October!!
  • Former Republican candidate for President, Mitt Romney: “I don’t know how any woman could ever vote for Donald Trump.”
  • Intrigues me to see the Jets final cuts…could be some big surprises.
  • Love watching guys like Donaldson, Pillar, Tulo and EE play baseball.
  • Trump was prowling like a bear and at times it looked like he was stalking Clinton.
  • I don’t know what Coach Maurice and his coaches see in Chris Thorburn that I don’t; I’d make him a playing coach with the Moose.
  • Playoff baseball takes the game to a whole other level of intensity.
  • Much like the Goldeyes, the Jays made the playoffs on the final day of the season and just got on a roll…
  • Moe Leggett, now he’s a heart and soul football
  • I hope everybody is enjoying their cut of the PST from 8% to 7%…what, it hasn’t happened yet?…
  • How many days till the hot beaches of Puerto Vallarta?
  • I have been in a lot of locker rooms throughout my life…and with some pretty wild guys…I’ve never heard talk like that of Trump and Bush; to say its sickening would be an understatement.
  • Wireless headphones…very, very cool!!
  • Head colds are never ending…feels like there is a balloon in there which won’t go away.
  • Patrick Laine struggled through the pre-season; it’s a different game in the NHL and it’s gong to take him some time to adapt to the more physical play and the smaller ice-surface.
  • Twitter…could you imagine what Watergate would have been like had there been Twitter and Facebook.
  • So many parallels between Trump and Richard Nixon.
  • Robert de Niro!!!  “You talkin to me?”…”No, I’m talking to that fat pig Trump”!!robert-de-niro1-640x360
  • Excited to pick up my Goldeyes Championship hoodie tomorrow!
  • Never knew who she was before, but Ana Navaro, a Republican from Florida…has become the voice of those who are sick and tired of Trump; she tells it like it is.
  • Jets home opener on Thursday night; first game of the season…always an exciting game…will be interesting to see how the young guys, Conner, Morrisey, Laine and Ehlers do this season.
  • I expect more Trump bombshells this week…would not shock me if more tapes came out.
  • Sure not into the NFL like I used to be…
  • Loving the Springsteen bio, Born to Run.
  • Nice to see Chelsea Clinton sitting beside her dad, Bill, and supporting him through what must have been a very difficult night.
  • Hate seeing a young kid like Jacob Trouba having his career ruined by his agent.
  • There are few people in this world whom I can honestly say I dislike…but “you” have become one of them.

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