Jets roar back from a 4-1 deficit, for a thrilling 5-4 OT win!!! Laine shines!!…by Chuck Duboff

Great to see the Bombers roar back also last night…with just a few minutes left in the game, Bombers scored 13 points and came away with a huge 35-32 victory!! Jets and Bombers getting it done!!

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© Chuck Duboff

“I’ve never been part of anything like that; I scored the goal and the crowd was unbelievable.”   Patrick Laine

“Resilience, character and grit…and they never quit.”  Paul Maurice

Well, that was a fun night.  After months and months of hype about this new, exciting young team; after player introductions, after an emotional tribute to Jets super fan Kroppy…we finally had a hockey game to watch.


The Jets got off to an early 1-0 lead on a goal by newly acquired, Shawn Mathias; but, truth be told, the Jets weren’t looking very good.  The play in their own end was sloppy, Conner Hellebucyk didn’t look sharp and the big guns up front weren’t generating any offence. You could feel the tension in the building…not sure how you can say the fans were impatient after only two periods, but that might be the best description.  The power play…

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