My thoughts on the Jets…after two games; by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Some random thoughts on the Winnipeg Jets, two games into the season.

  • Jets are going to miss Bryan Little big time; a week to week injury.
  • It is time to move on from Thorburn, Stuart and Burmi; they contribute nothing and only slow down the development of the kids.
  • Both Hellebucyk and Hutchinson looked shaky in their first starts.
  • Ehlers and Laine have amazing shots…but given that they are both kids, it’ll take time for them to find that open space on the ice.
    NHL: NOV 16 Jets at Blues
  • Wheeler is a great team leader…and pretty talented.
  • I like the speed that Brandon Tanuv brings to the team.
  • Adam Lowrey needs to be more consistent; he can be such a force when he’s on his game.
  • Big week ahead for the Jets: Boston tonight, Leafs Wednesday and then a weekend of celebration with the Heritage Classic.
  • With all the offensive talent on this team, I cannot understand all the power play struggles.
  • I get why guys like Petan, Copp, Roslovic, de Leo, etc are down with the Moose…development; but, right now, with the loss of Little, we need to call up a couple of them to fill the void…Thorburn is skating in sand, while Burmi is nothing more than a good penalty killer.
  • Patience, patience, patience.
  • Really impressed with Josh Morrisey…fortunate to have him playing so well, given the big hole left by the absence of Trouba.
  • Yo Jacob: “Winnipeg is one of my all time favourite cities” Don Cherry.  Great to see Grapes give it to Trouba…the kid is wasting away his career.  I would make him sit and then sit some more…and then, oh yeah, sit some more.  You’ve got zero leverage Troubs…time to get rid of that agent of yours.
  • Great to see Sportsnet really hyping Wednesday night’s game…featuring the top two draft picks…Austin Matthews and Patrick Laine
  • Love watching Mark Scheifele grow into a great player; thinking back to “the little boy” he was when he was first drafted…he is now a man playing with confidence and force.
  • Drew Stafford has to pick up his game…a lot!!
  • Going to be a crazy exciting week of Winnipeg Jets hockey…the present and the past, all coming together.

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