“I grab men by their c**k and kiss them whenever I want”…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  1. Wondering why it is that James Comey decided it was too close to the election to start an investigation into Trumps ties with Russia, yet he goes against the dictates of the Attorney General and 11 days before the election announces that new e-mails have been found and will be looked into.
  2. To say that Hilary Clinton is held to a higher standard would be an understatement; could you imagine if Hilary Clinton was caught saying that she just “grabs guys by the c**k and just kisses whenever she wants”  Stop for a moment and really ask yourself that question, how would the public react?
  3. Trumps base of uneducated white men was exasperated enough having to endure eight years of a black president (who really wasn’t born in America, I don’t believe that’s his real birth certificate), now the thought of having a woman as President of the United States, has these Trump supporters hanging effigies of Obama from trees, shouting “Jew S A” at rallies, chanting “lock her up” at Trump Nazi like rallies…tell me, Trump supporters, is this really the USA you want?
  4. The degree to which the USA has been shamed around the world is incalculable…citizens and leaders from countries all around the world are shaking their collective heads in disbelief that a leading world democracy could have a nominee so unprepared to be President.
  5. It’s become almost impossible to watch CNN anymore; all it is is one Democrat talking head yelling at one Trump talking head…there is little actual news anymore, it is nothing more than a Soap Opera with Wolf Blitzer in the leading role.
  6. So Trump has destroyed thousands of e-mails that the courts ordered him to keep for investigation; George W Bush had a separate server with over 22 million e-mails deleted…yet it’s Hilary Clinton who is brought to task!!
  7. It boggles my mind that a man who admits to physically assaulting women, who has 14 women accusing him of groping and kissing them, has a pending rape charge coming in the courts…why has this man not been charged with sexual assault?
  8. Putin, Trump and Wiki-Leaks have all conspired to attack the Clinton campaign; Trump’s businesses in Russia will only benefit if he and Putin are working together.
  9. So Trump says he will get tough with China, bring jobs home…meanwhile his new hotel was built with Chinese steel and the Trump ties that he proudly sells were also made in China!!
  10. I invite anybody who is a Trump supporter to write a response in the form of a blog and I would be glad to publish it…it’s easy to sit back and take shots, how about putting your name to your words!!

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