…and that is why we love baseball!! by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

“Man, I’m an emotional wreck.”  That was Chicago Cubs 1B Anthony Rizzo talking to David Ross in the 4th inning of Game 7 of the World Series.  “It’s only gonna get worse. Just continue to breathe.”


It’s baseball folks.  These are just grown up little boys living out their dreams of one day playing in Game 7 of the World Series.  Any body who grew up loving baseball must have dreamed at some point of being on the biggest baseball stage there is.  For a few fleeting moments it looked like it was going to be Rajai Davis as the hero living out his dreams.


It’s the bottom of the 8th inning; your team is down with just one inning left.  It’s the World Series…BOOM, Rajai Davis crushes one to deep left field and suddenly the game is tied, the game is tied…every kid who has ever played baseball has dreamed of hitting that home run!!!  Rajai Davis did that…and while Davis was celebrating his massive HR, Aroldis Chapman was in the Cubs dugout…crying.  A boys game and he was crying.  He let his team down!!  Cost all those fans of Chicago a chance at the World Series.  Never mind that the Cubs had leaned on him for days and days, pitching him a huge number of innings, when in fact he is normally a one inning closer.  He was crying, he let his team down.


Baseball fans everywhere were thinking: “I’ve never seen a game like this!!  This is the World Series, it doesn’t get any better!!”  “Maybe they can play 17849872 innings of baseball…I’m sure Aroldis Chapman has more innings in his arm.

In the stands of Progressive Field, on the couches of fans watching at home, in all the bars filled with baseball fans…everyone was watching baseball at its absolute best!!  You didn’t want one team to lose…they both deserved to win the World Series.  Stories of fans waiting a lifetime to see the Cubs or Indians win a World Series.  It was almost too painful to watch.


History will record that Ben Zobrist was the hero in the 10th inning with a big double.  It almost seems secondary to all the emotion which was spilled out last night.  It was the emotion of the final out and the players celebrating on the field; it was Bill Murray crying after finally seeing his beloved Cubbies win a World Series, it was 39 year old David Ross playing his final game and going out a Champion.

More than any other sport, baseball has a romantic, a spiritual, a mystic quality about it.  At its best, baseball is magical and allows the little kid in us to dream; to one day be Corey Cluber on the mound giving the Cleveland Indians everything he had…another day we’re Kris Bryant or Anthony Rizzo crushing the ball…or we are simply fans at a game enjoying the sweet beauty and majesty of that game they call baseball.


Coach reassuring young baseball player

To all the dads who coach their sons and daughters, to the moms who drive the kids to the games, to the groundskeepers who keep the fields beautiful, to the workers who make the balls and bats…

It’s Game 7 of the World Series and the Chicago Cubs are now the World Champions!!


2 thoughts on “…and that is why we love baseball!! by Chuck Duboff

  1. Oh! what a feeling, Oh! what a series. Excellent write up on a 7th. game of a World Series that had a bit of everything baseball is about, in it. The hard part is that at the end, there is a winning team and there is a losing team. The Chicago and Cleveland players gave it their all and left it out there on the diamond, what a FANTASTIC game, Thank you Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, good old fashioned baseball. I was thinking as the game ended about how long time Cub broadcaster Harry Caray, must have been looking down and smiling and thinking of how his one statement re Cubs and the World Series had now come true, “As sure as God made little green apples” the World Series will return to Chicago, well Mr. Caray, it took 108 years, but it is home in Chicago.

    Great write up Chuck, well said.


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