The last baseball blog of the season (Cubs edition)…written so as to avoid another election rant!! …Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Holy Cow…the Cubs win the World Series!!!!
  • Anthony Rizzo, you are now my favourite ballplayer “I’m an emotional wreck.”


    Anthony Rizzo

  • 5 million Cubs fans celebrating at the World Series parade!!  How very cool.
  • I guess baseball isn’t the dying sport NFL big whigs wanna claim it is…in fact, I would suggest that it is the NFL, the no fun league, which is in big trouble.
  • So happy for long suffering Cubbies fans…I’ve been around a long time and I’ve never seen a Cubs championship…they’ve always been my NL team…very cool to enjoy.
  • You’ve gotta watch this video: Rizzo, Ross, Fowler and Mr. Cub, Bill Murray singing
  • Go Cubs Go:

  • Ferguson Jenkins, Ron Santo, Randy Hundly, Leo Durorcher, Ryne Sandburg…all smiling today.
  • Some guy in Winnipeg named Craig…I wonder if he has stopped smiling; like I told you  all season pal, just take it one game at a time and it’ll happen.
  • For Winnipeg baseball fans: between the Goldeyes winning the AA Championship and then some great MLB playoff baseball…we were treated to a fall to remember.
  • Harry Caray singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”…how sweet it is:

  • So, the baseball season is over and I would suggest it’s never been healthier…fans are rediscovering the pure joy of the game.
  •  On a personal note, writing baseball blogs all season has been something I’ll always treasure.  From the time I was a little boy cheering for Mantle and Maris and the Yankees, I’ve always dreamed of writing about baseball…and thanks to a couple of very special people with the Goldeyes, you helped to make that dream come true.  Andrew and Steve…you guys both said: “sure” many times this summer…and for that, I can’t thank you enough.

One thought on “The last baseball blog of the season (Cubs edition)…written so as to avoid another election rant!! …Chuck Duboff

  1. It has been quite the celebrations going on across the USA & Canada since the Cubs won the World Series. I wore my CUB hat the other day and coming out of Tim’s a gentleman said to me ” Congratulations to the Cubs on their win and then added, Is your hat 108 years old.” Had a good chuckle on that remark but it also told me he was a “baseball fan.”


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