CNN, no longer a news network…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


I will be the first to admit that I was hooked on CNN throughout the whole election cycle. At times, the talking heads on the cable news network had me watching and listening to their inane bantering while pre-empting baseball playoffs and Jets hockey games.  I was lured in by the Jake Tappers and David Gergens and Brooke Baldwins, etc.

Upon reflection, I will admit to having been duped, much like America was taken in by that snake oil salesman Donald Trump.  If you try and look at it objectively, there truly was no difference between CNN and Trump.  CNN is no longer a news network reporting news.  It is an entertainment station, using the American election as the basis for its content.  When “so called” news broke, such as PussyGate, there was never a simple reporting of facts on CNN, but rather, Anderson Cooper and his gang of carnies, gathered up four pro-Clinton talking heads and four pro-Trump talking heads and they screamed at each other for an hour.  (hello Jerry Springer!!!)  Corey Lewendowski (former Trump Campaign Manager) would wear the black hat, while Van Jones (former Obama staffer) would wear the white hat…and they suckered me in with their nonsense.  I would suggest that CNN’s never ending discussion of Trump’s ridiculous comments and actions, only fed into his followers paranoia about the media…and helped to get him elected.

So called experts like John King and David Axelrod and David Chalion would discus the electoral college on the magic board…and then that evening’s eight so called experts would again trot out, four on four (hello WWE) and yell and scream at each other for another hour.


News, what news?  When the FBI produced that letter about further investigations into Clinton’s e-mail, it wasn’t just facts that were presented, but rather it was a ramped up destruction of HIlary Clinton which ensued.  We’ve all come to expect Fox so called News Network to be the voice of the right, but when CNN can’t act like a reputable news source, what are we left with?

The internet has swallowed up any sense of sanity in the News industry.  Any individual can start up their own website, write blogs (you talkin to me????) and profess to be an expert on a subject.  Sadly, there are many who believe anything they read on the internet, much like a large percentage of Trump supporters blindly believed any nonsense which he spewed.

What are we left with?  Where can we get real news from, i.e the facts, just the facts and not entertainment networks…because sadly…CNN has become nothing more than WWE, Jerry Springer and Fox News, all wrapped up into one.

I haven’t put on CNN since Tuesday evening around 10:30, November 8th, 2016.

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