Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Very humbled by the kind words of some former students.
  • November 19th and still no snow.  I’ll take that!!
  • Two weeks on the hot beaches of Puerto Vallarta…can’t wait.
  • That’s 20 days…down 9!!!
  • I think all Jets fans are holding their breath and hoping this is for real.
  • Kale…who knew?
  • Laine and Ben: “The Jets should just let Burmi go to Las Vegas next year!!”
  • Sometimes things just don’t make sense, but that’s when you have to have faith that there is a greater purpose behind its happening.
  • Yesterday’s blog about Leonard Cohen and his depression, struck a deep chord with me.
  • Not many people are blessed with the kind of friends I have…very fortunate.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of effort to go out and watch Laine and Ben play soccer and hockey on the weekends.  I never had grandparents who were involved, let alone parents who took the time to watch…so, I see how much it means to them when I am at their games…so, soccer and hockey this weekend it is!!
  • Steve Bannon…do people realize what he represents and what his ultimate goals are?  If you don’t know what the Alt-Right is, I would suggest you start finding out…it’s white supremacy wrapped in a fancy name.
  • Exciting watching Patrik Laine and Nik Ehlers…but to me, what is even greater to watch is the development of Mark Scheifele into an NHL superstar!!
  • Echo Cardiogram Monday and MRI on Dec 10…we shall see what we see.
  • Is it baseball season yet?  How many days till training camp opens Mick?
    goldeyes win
  • Love working with University students…it surprises me how many students at that level still have no concept of how to write a well organized and argued paper.
  • Seriously, Nov 19th and no snow!!
  • The Jets play at 6:00 this evening in Boston, then 3:00 tomorrow afternoon in Carolina…two games in less than 24 hours…really?  Now that is why there are so many injuries in the NHL.
  • The cabinet that Donald Trump is putting together is right out of the Nazi playbook…making Jeff Sessions Attorney General is beyond belief!!  an avowed racist is now the top law maker.  I hope Trumps minions know what they have unleashed.
  • Thank you Sammy and Nelson…
  • I used to be such an NFL fanatic…now…not only do I barely watch it, I know little of what’s going on; the constant interruption by commercials, the militarization of everything NFL, the no fun edict from head office…it has just made it unwatchable.
  • Sorry Mike O’Shea…you messed up on that field goal call…I would be willing to wager a lot that a screen pass to Andrew Harris would have worked.
  • Gonna hit the treadmill for three miles and then its off to watch Laine play soccer.

One thought on “Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

  1. I really haven’t looked that closely, maybe 169 days. May 6th. 2017 Goldeye training camp opens and believe Fargo are in Winnipeg for a couple of exhibition games May 10th. & 11th. I’ll have to check the schedule. GO GOLDEYES!


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