Social Media Shut Down; The Zombies have arrived…by Chuck Duboff

That was an interesting Experiment!! For one day I shut down Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…I was intrigued to see what the difference would be …I must admit to missing Facebook and as my good friend Al Bryski indicated in an e-mail…friends, family and former students seemed to vanish without the interaction of Facebook; Twitter on the other hand, to me at least, has become a cesspool of trolls, whiners and president-elects…if you didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s blog, I’d love to read your thoughts. I shall restore those three social media portals…with much hesitation.

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I have shut down my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  I believe that they are having a tremendously negative affect on society.

Social is described by the Cambridge Dictionary as: “relating to activities in which you meet and spend time with other people”, whereas the Cambridge Dictionary defines Social Media as: “computer programs that allow people to communicate and share information.”

People are no longer “meeting and spending time with other people.”  Social Media is creating a society in which we all become faceless.  Individuals get excited when they see that they have 728 friends on Facebook, yet those same people haven’t interacted with an actual human being in months.  This creates a false sense of being and creates a reality in which people no longer know how to interact at a human level.


Individuals make commentary that they would never…

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Shut Down; The Zombies have arrived…by Chuck Duboff

  1. Hi Chuck
    After reading your blog, I realized I was thinking along the same lines.
    Scrolling through my social media threads has become a drug of sorts. I’ve deactivated my twitter account because of the negative bombardment that fills that space. I have to admit, the results of the US election have in no small part increased some anxiety within.
    I may have to keep the FB feed due to the band I’m in, but ridding myself of the app on my smartphone.
    Only thing is, I’m not sure what I’ll do when I go to the washroom now…perhaps I’ll read a book 😉


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