Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • David Bowie, Pat Harrington, Abe Vagoda, Alan Rykman, Glenn Frey, Nancy Reagan, Joe Garigiola, Ken Howard, Gary Shandling, Patty Duke, Doris Roberts, Prince, Gary Marshall, Gene Wilder, Arnold Palmer, Leonard Cohen, Florence Henderson,  Janet Reno, Morley Safer, Robert Vaughn, Fidel Castro, Harper Lee, Sir George Martin, Muhammed Ali, Gordie Howe, Elie Wiesel,  Buddy Ryan, Jose Fernandez, Shimon Perez, Leon Russell, Gwen IfillNatalie Cole, Monte Irvin, W.P. Kinsella…
  • I’m sure I missed several notable deaths from 2016…but, what a year it has been…what a year.
  • Well, that was a road trip from hell for the Winnipeg Jets…after an exhilarating 4-0 win over Chicago…the Jets headed out on a 5 game road trip…I don’t think anybody saw an 0 for 5 coming.
  • Then again…it would sure be nice to have Bryan Little, Matthieu Perrault, Tyler Myers, Toby Enstrom and Joel Armia in the lineup.  The young kids battled, but were in over their heads.
  • Could we have more of this please:
  • And less of this:
  • The rise of the Alt-Right and the Nazi gatherings, should have everyone terrified; hiding your head in the sand is exactly what the world did with Adolf Hitler.  Speak up, speak out and let your voice be heard.
  • Off to watch Ben’s hockey practice today and then its just he and I to Boston Pizza…just because…and then tomorrow, Laine and I to the Jets…blessed.
  • When you force things to happen, there’s a good chance they won’t…let life come to you.
  • Forecast for this weekend: +3, +4 and +6 by Monday…Climate change, what’s that?
  • Trip tickets picked up…two weeks of hot sun and beautiful beaches to look forward to…sure does help get through our long Winnipeg winters.
  • I ask this seriously, given how terribly wrong the Polling companies had the US election…is there a future for Polling companies in politics.  This is a new world we live in…between cell phones and social media, I think its impossible to get a real read on what the electorate is thinking.
  • January 1st, 63 years old.  No seriously, 63 years old.  Huh?  You’re welcome to come over for BD cake on Jan 1st afternoon…img_2243
  • Fidel Castro passes away; I got to see both sides of Cuba in my 11 trips down there; the touristy side presented a facade to travellers…I lived in Havana with a friend for a few weeks…got to see the real Cuba that the citizens live.  Very scary…very, very scary.  You have to be careful of every word you say…and the allotment of food which the citizens get is incomprehensible…we have it so good in Canada.
  • Is it baseball season yet?  I leave on my trip on February 15th…the day pitchers and catchers report for training camp.
  • Pretty lucky to have Steen Taxi available for my airport runs.
  • Gotta hit the treadmill this morning for an hour.
  • I can watch Seinfeld for hours and enjoy it as much as ever.
  • Was so cool sending Thanksgiving wishes to friends all over the States the other day…and getting wonderful responses back…the technology that we are living with today is amazing.
  • With over 65,000 reads of this blog and over 1200 followers, I have a pretty good handle on the number of views to expect from different kinds of blogs.  It really is an interesting sociological study.
  • December 10th MRI…nervous…quite nervous.
  • Just sayin…Carly makes a decadent BD cake for me every year…if you’re in town and can get your self moving by the afternoon…come and join us to ring in the New Year and celebrate my 63rd….with some great friends and my amazing kids.

    Gord D

    I hope you are having a great day Gord Downie.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

  1. Good morning, always good to see your Sat. morning random thoughts and thought I should add an update re the Steen Taxi, it is another year older and I have noticed quite a few more rust spots and for some reason the tires have “slowed” down considerably and headlights don’t shine as brightly, a lot of fog out there especially for night get around’s but on a bright note,, it’s still mobile.


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