Cuba: A tale of two countries: paradise & oppression; by Chuck Duboff

My take on Cuba’s dual personality…the island paradise, a facade for an oppressive regime.

Chuck Eclectic Blog

“Chuck quiet, secret police everywhere.”  I remember those words like they were five minutes ago.

I had visited Cuba many, many times as a tourist.  I was taken in by the beauty, the culture, the wonderful people.  It seemed idyllic through the eyes of a traveler.  A health care system second to none, free education right through University, beautiful beaches, hot sun…what could be wrong with this island paradise?  And so I returned, time after time after time.  This led to a relationship with a wonderful Cuban women, whom I met on one of my visits.  Yosadania is tattooed on my left arm…as a reminder of the life that the Cuban people are “forced to live”…we had a wonderful relationship, but given the overbearing government, Yosdania was not free to come back home to Canada with me.


I decided that I wanted to go down to Cuba and live the…

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