Setting aside politics for a few minutes; enjoy the spirit of Cuba in pix…by Chuck Duboff.

© Chuck Duboff


On of my favourite pictures from Cuba; I took school supplies to hand out to the kids…I was fortunate, in that I was allowed to enter this school and talk with the students…what a great experience that was.

The response to my last blog on the dual personality of Cuba was astounding; the number of views and interesting commentary spoke to the unique place Cuba holds throughout the world.  I really lost count of how many times I visited Cuba; I am certain it was more than ten…throughout those visits, I attempted to capture, what I believe was, the essence of what makes Cuba such a fascinating country.  Enjoy these pix…I believe they present both sides of the ongoing debate about reality of Cuba.  One thing is for certain…the Cuban people are warm and caring and are mere pawns in the hands of the Cuban government.

There are pictures and posters of Che Guevera through out the country, however, there were never any pictures of Fidel Castro.  That tank is from the days of the Cuban Revolution, while the car in the top right pic is just one of the classic cars you see on all the streets.

Amazing architecture everywhere you go.

Ernest Hemmingway’s bar…that he spent a lot of his days at.  I was thrilled when I got to see his apartment and his original manuscript for Old Man and the Sea. (trying to track that picture down.)

Cigar makers, baseball, artists, musicians, children playing and buggy rides…all a staple of Cuban life.

The Cuban people are so very warm, friendly and kind…the beaches…second to none.


…and every where you go…Baseball, the life blood of Cuba.


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