Monday Morning Random Thoughts…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • Going through that MRI was like being in a David Lynch movie, living in Twin Peaks, being at a European night club, listening to Pink Floyd and feeling like you are Randall Patrick McMurphy…bizarre experience.randall
  • …and now the waiting…and now the waiting…and now the waiting…and now the waiting…
  • Jets are gassed…”there’s nothing left in the tank”…Blake Wheeler.
  • Memo to NHL…6 games in 9 days, two sets of back to backs…and we’re paying $150 a ticket to watch exhausted players.  Jets have played 32 games in 60 days.  Ridiculous, but the money grabbing owners had to have their World Cup or whatever that joke of a tournament was called in September…thus resulting in this ridiculous schedule.
  • So Donald Trump doesn’t have time for intelligence briefings, questions the CIA’s abilities…yet has time to watch SNL and criticize it.
  • How long before the States is in a new war under Herr Trump?
  • -32 freakin windchill…get me a beach…asap.
  • Well done by the Bombers, extending Walters and O’Shea three seasons.  It’s been slow, but there was lots of dismantling to do before the rebuild could start.
  • What will be the next Donald Trump bombshell (literally and figuratively speaking)
  • To quote today’s Free Press: “Pallister…the Tantrum Premier.”
  • A special thanks to the nurse at the MRI centre who helped out Saturday morning…you sure showed compassion…
  • If it’s 64 days until pitchers and catchers report, that means its 64 days until I’m on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta.
  • I’m guessing that if Reggie Abercrombie is playing winter ball, the chances are pretty good that he’ll be back leading the Goldeyes next summerGoldeyes June 2 Reggie celebration
  • There are friends, who really turn out to be nothing more than acquaintances..and then there are friends, who are real friends…not hypocrites.
  • Hopefully with some rest and a more tolerable schedule, the Jets will get rolling again…I worry about our goaltending…neither goalie has looked good this season.
  • …the waiting is the hardest part…and now the waiting…and now the waiting…thanks to those who care…
  • I’d rather be single the rest of my life than get messed up again with the wrong person…just for the sake of being in a relationship…no thank you…someone recently gave me an encore Tannis performance…I recognized it and got out of it immediately.  Had I paid the same attention to Tannis craziness the first few weeks of our relationship… I would never have had to endure the nightmare which ensued.
  • Try and imagine David Lynch in Twin Peaks listening to Pink Floyd..that was the MRIlynch
  • Love watching Laine playing soccer and Ben hockey…they sure are talented; love how they listen to their coaches.
  • Running the beaches every morning under a hot sun, beautiful sand, the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sierra Madre mountains right in front…Heaven.
  • “You are so complex, I don’t know if I can help you anymore.”
  • Really enjoying the novel, The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins.
  • It’s been 36 years since John Lennon was killed by Mark David Chapman; feels like five minutes ago ; “I heard the news today oh boy….about a lovely man…”


    That’s Mark David Chapman on the right, getting an autograph from John Lennon…only minutes before he killed him.

  • To all the phonies and hypocrites out there…you know who you are…friends like you are a waste of time…you say one thing, yet go ahead and do something else…bye, bye.
  • Congratulations to Bob Dylan for winning the Nobel Prize in Literature…reading his acceptance speech, you can feel how humbled he was by the honour; well done Robert Zimmerman, very deserving…your music is the story of my life.

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