“Maybe in another lifetime” she said…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Her name is Allison.  A hostess at a local restaurant.  We met…and the electricity was immediate.  The talking was easy, the connection was so very obvious to both.  I could see the sparkle in her eyes…we talked for a long time.  She returned several times to offer me more coffee.

I visited the cafe many times just for the chance to see Allison.  She’d smile when I came in and I would be thrilled just to know that she was there and we’d get to see each other. At one point she shared with me that she had a boyfriend and I told her what a lucky guy he was.  This didn’t seem to affect the relationship we shared.  She asked about my teaching, and wanted to know everything about my time teaching English and Drama in Cancun.

I didn’t get to the cafe for awhile.  I missed the fun times we shared, but she was honest with me about her boyfriend and I had to respect that.

A few weeks ago I went into Stella’s for a coffee and Allison was there, looking as beautiful and happy as ever.  Going over to say hi to her, she saw me and smiled.  “you haven’t been here for awhile.”  “oh you know, it’s called life.”  Right away we started talking, with Allison telling me about her Xmas plans and working during our recent storm.  During our conversation I saw a ring on her hand.  I said: “wow, what is that?”  “we got married in September.”she shared.  My heart crashed, but I was happy for her, really and truly happy for her.  “Thank you Chuck.”  I asked her if he was a good guy “he’s great, treats me so well.”  When I said: “at least I’ll be number two on your list” Allison smiled and said: “No, number three behind dad and my husband.”  Number 3 on Allison’s list…it was bittersweet, but, it was still pretty special.

A while later I went up to pay and wish Allison a Merry Christmas.  She looked at me and smiled and gave me a hug.  While we held each other, Allison whispered: “maybe in another lifetime Chuck, maybe in another lifetime.”  She looked at me with the most beautiful smile.  Those words will stay with me for a very long time.



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