It’s time to call into question Paul Maurice’s coaching of the Winnipeg Jets; by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

I have been a fan of Paul Maurice since he was first hired by the Winnipeg Jets.  I thought he was the right coach to get this team straightened out.  Under previous coach Claude Noel, other teams commented “the Jets don’t even play with any systems”, so it seemed like an experienced NHL coach like Maurice would instil a level of coaching which the Jets hadn’t been receiving.

Within one season Maurice had the Jets in the playoffs, all be it very briefly, as they were swept by Anaheim.  Yet there was an excitement and expectation that things would only get better.

Yet, one season later, the Jets were a year long disappointment and were out of the playoff race quite early.  The only saving grace was that this meant a higher draft pick and the Jets stuck gold with the drafting of Patrik Laine.

The excitement heading into this season was palatable. Mark Scheifele, Blake Wheeler, Nik Ehlers, Patrik Laine, Bryan Little, Dustin Byfuglien, Matthieu Perrault, Jacob Trouba, Tyler Myers, Conner Hellybucyk, Kyle Conner…this had the makings of one exciting, playoff bound team.

Yet here we are on December 22nd and the Jets are once again floundering. A team with supposedly so much talent, can’t even get over .500.  Our Power Play is abysmal, our Penalty Killing near the bottom of the league, we’re near the top of the league in Penalty Minutes, our goals allowed and goaltending is near the bottom of the league…and to quote TSN’s Craig Button, a huge fan of the Jets, “Paul Maurice isn’t getting the job done.”

Jets cover

To watch this team, game in and game out, have great first periods and then collapse in the second is inexcusable.  That is coaching.  If your team isn’t ready to come out and play as they are capable of, then that falls on the shoulders of the Head Coach.  Tuesday evening against Vancouver, a team the Jets should blow out of the arena, the Jets came out and dominated the first period…and, as is their custom, that same Jets team disappeared in the second and third and lost 4-1 to an inferior team.

Yes, we’ve had a lot of injuries…but so have other teams; yes, we’ve had a brutal schedule, but so have most teams in the NHL

I have been a big fan of Paul Maurice’s till the last few weeks; but when you’ve got as much talent as the Jets do, when the team keeps taking undisciplined penalties, collapses in the second period, has a terrible Power Play, doesn’t know how to kill penalties, is near the bottom of the league in goals against…

I will concur with Craig Button: “Paul Maurice is not getting the job done”.  Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto all have young teams, yet there is an appreciable improvement in their game…


Will the Jets sit on their hands yet again and waste another season away or will they do something to straighten things out?  Given the Jets history, I would expect the Jets to continue to flounder and not make any drastic changes.


2 thoughts on “It’s time to call into question Paul Maurice’s coaching of the Winnipeg Jets; by Chuck Duboff

  1. My own opinion is that January will be the acid test for Pomo. I think that Armia makes a massive difference, and we’ve missed his puck control. The line of Lowry Armia and Matthias was our best pick control line early in the season.

    Having said that, there is no excuse for the lack of production from the power play, and the abysmal penalty killing.

    If the Jets fail to produce 1.3 points per game (or better) in January, then I agree that Pomo hasn’t gotten what he should have out of this team. That conclusion will only be reinforced if non-producing players get more than the appropriate level and quality of playing time. With everyone back from injury (except Myers), Pomo has a good hand of cards to play. If he plays jacks that lose to aces, or doesn’t play his own aces at the right time (like Laine playing second power play unit), then we should be setting our ticket draft dates for next year.


  2. Interesting blog and to read this one comment and I do agree the Jets are a struggling hockey club as we speak. Suggestions are. The Jets need to make a coaching change and so my question is this, “WHO” would be the “choice” as the new headman?? I haven’t seen or heard of any names and I don’t even have one in mind. I would like to hear some coaching names, just a thought. Did Craig Button name any names?


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