Our cultural icons get older, we get older…it is social media which makes their deaths seem so shocking; by Chuck Duboff

Updated with Time Magazine’s haunting Person of the Year included.

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20162016…a reminder of how precious and very fragile life is.

Sports royalty who passed away in 2016:

Muhammed Ali               Arnold Palmer              Gordie Howe

Music Icons who left us in 2016:

David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Prince, George Michael, Glenn Frey, Natalie Cole,

David Bowie

From the world of movies, books and entertainment, the following passed away in 2016:

Harper Lee, W.P. Kinsella, Florence Henderson, Alan Thicke, Robert Vaughn, Garry Marshall, Alan Rickman, Patty Duke, Elie Wiesel, Gene Wilder, Zsa Zsa Gabor


Fidel Castro and John Glenn also passed on in 2016…and these are just some of the many who left us this past year.

We are shocked by the sudden leaving of those who were icons in our lives and it seems as if 2016 was an aberration, however, in reality, this would be considered rather normal.

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7 thoughts on “Our cultural icons get older, we get older…it is social media which makes their deaths seem so shocking; by Chuck Duboff

  1. Thank you for this post. Wanted to say the very same, but I didn’t do so as many people were really sad about these deaths.
    But it is as you say, we grow older and so do our idols from younger days. It’s the way of nature that more of them die.


      • Yeah, now many people on my Twitter are sad because someone from Star Wars died. It is very sad if you watched those films, but as I said it is the normal way of life.
        Maybe I’m just a bit more calm as I already lost parts of my family, too.


      • I’m 39 and most sad for me was the death of Helmut Schmidt, arguably the last “great” German politician, even if he was over 90 and was widely expected to die rather sooner than later. Still I was very sad…


  2. When you are growing up and have these stars that shape your life for many of those years, the Bowies, Princes, George Michaels/Whams etc, you tend to think they are invincible and will always be there. Making the music, movies, writing the books, that shaped our formative years. Them growing older and, heaven forbid, dying is not even a tiny fleck in your mind.
    Then 2016 hits and BOOM. It is shocking, sad and a rude awakening to the reality of it all.These people that brought so much joy to our younger selves, to a lesser extent our older selves as well, become as we all are destined to become…..older, destined to not live forever. They are, after all, human just like you and me. Destined to the same fate as the rest of us. Kinda brings it all into perspective.
    I have read a lot of negative comments on Facebook directed at those that choose to mourn the loss of these famous people. Unless you know Susy Q, John Boy or anyone else that is mourning these people, you do not know the reason behind it so don’t judge them. Let them reminisce in peace with others who mourn.


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