Jeffery Bannon talks about his unique business, KB2 Clothing…by Chuck Duboff.

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I have known Jeffery Bannon for many years; our friendship goes back to the time when he was managing the Bomber store at the old CanadInns Stadium.  With many years of experience managing the Bombers Store, working at the Olympics and World Junior Hockey, Jeffery is starting a new business, with a very unique idea in clothing apparel.  I interviewed Mr. Bannon about his new business, KB2 Clothingkb2clothing_horizontal_wordmark_black_400x4001.  Would you explain for the readers what your business is all about.
The business model of KB2 Clothing is based off a no minimum apparel provider – we believe that everyone has a logo, every brand needs apparel and we can facilitate that through high quality apparel items with orders as low as one. That free’s up inventory dollar, ensures you don’t have to worry about sizing and can promote your brand 365/24-7

2. What makes your business unique…it would seem there are a lot of apparel companies out there.
We believe in the online experience, we set you your exclusive online apparel store, with categories of mens, ladies, youth, headwear and accessories. This way your own online store can be sent to anyone, and orders can start immediately. From a Track/Warm Up Suit to a hat, we can do one. 
3. How did you come up with the idea for this business?
It was working at the Bomber Store that I had several requests from athletes and their families for one-offs, or a few for their children etc. Then recently with the Team at Keener Jerseys, we would get asked a lot for individual apparel items, just seems like a fit, and something I love to do. 
4. Do you have any background in retail, in clothing?

I was fortunate enough to work for the Blue Bombers, running their Bomber Store(s) for 9 years, I worked the 2010 Olympics and Two World Junior Hockey Championships as well as was very fortunate to be part of the Management Team for the first Old Navy Opening in Manitoba. You can say it’s a passion of mine.



Jeffery Bannon with one of his sons.

5. Who is your target market?

Our target audience is anyone from any school, association, team, coaching staff, Alumni Associations, Booster Clubs,  Non-Profit organization, family or group of friends that want to place a low quantity apparel order. We also want to team up with Graphic Designers who want to start to get their designs out, as we are always in the need of new logos as well.
6. What would you like to say to the people who are reading this blog?
Just that we’d love to work with anyone who has this need for apparel – and we mean anyone, for the individual gift to your team, we can offer the ability to replace or add an item without having to buy extra or tie up additional funds. We take each item as if it was our own, and we won’t rest until your happy. Customer Satisfaction isn’t a sometimes thing, it’s an all the time thing. 
7. If people were interested in either finding out more about your business or in fact contacting you about making purchases, how would they go about doing that?
The best bet now is our Facebook page or via our Instagram or Twitter @KB2Clothing and if you just want to chat retail  – would love to talk anytime 
8. Anything else you’d like to add Jeffery?
Just want to thank you Chuck for this opportunity, it’s a passion of mine and I hope to work with as many people as possible who have a need for low volume, no minimum apparel. 
For a view of how an exclusive website looks – you can check the KB2 Branded Store at 

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